elephant sneezing
Sunday, October 4, 2015
Today I am grateful for sharing. People share emails, pictures, videos, stories, jokes, stupid chain letters, threats to “forward” or else your chin hair will grow long enough to braid and personal opinions on just about everything.

Well, it turns out my husband can catch a baseball, a football, a tennis ball, a golf ball, and a grandchild slipping out of his grasp. He can even catch a hint, though that one takes more effort. What he can’t seem to catch is a sneeze! So, sharing kinda guy he is, even though I never asked for it and indeed, requested he keep it to himself, he has graciously given me his cold. Thanks babe.

So that’s all for me today folks. Unless I get really, really bored, I promise not to share the rest of the gory details! Better send the dancing boys!

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Morrisville Bridge to Trenton
Saturday, October 03, 2015
Today I am grateful for Camelot. I simply can’t take any more discussion on the horrible gun violence and ineffective help for the mentally ill in my country. I need time to process, to think, to find a way to heal from the senseless loss of more lives.

I’m going to pretend, for today at least, that I’m sitting on the shores of a river in Camelot, where it “never rains ‘till after sundown. . .” I need a congenial spot to happily ever after in. Camelot will do.

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Venting My Anger

stupid sign

Friday, October 02, 2015
Today I am grateful for venting my anger or my head would pop off. I heard what the announcers all thought was a great idea on the morning news today. Following yet another horrible shooting at a school, there are “experts” who will offer combat/safety training to school districts. . .including students. Even elementary students.

“When a gunman enters your classroom pummel them with anything in the room, even if it’s only tennis balls,” the “expert” said. Seriously? THIS is the answer? Scare the crap out of our kids and grandkids even more than they are now. . .from armed intruder, tornado and severe weather drills. You’re suggesting adding combat training? Who comes up with this crap?

No one wants to pay teachers a decent salary for increasingly disrespectful kids, impossible classroom sizes, all of the after-hours work, and unrealistic testing requirements. Do you think their pay will be increased with this kind of training? How many people will even consider entering the once noble profession of teaching if they have to be combat trained, or have black belts, or worse carry a weapon?

This is insanity. Just plain stupid. Am I the only one who knows it? Where are our legislators? Where is the federal government? Why isn’t someone putting a stop to this at its core, not at its end result? We need changes. Everyone runs around like Chicken Little talking about the crisis with immigrants and this is our society now, and blah, blah, blah. After each shooting I expect change, but when 26 people, most of them young children, were massacred at Sandy Hook and nothing changed, why would it now?

We spout rhetoric about how horrible 9-11 was and how terrorism is awful. Well I have news for you, folks. These school shootings ARE terrorism. Just because the guy lives down the street and went to elementary school with you, that doesn’t mean he can’t be a terrorist. We are under siege and we live each day in fear because of it. How many people do we have to hear say, “I didn’t think it could happen here?” A million? Is that when change will occur? Look out your window, right now. It can happen right there! Our nation is in crisis.

I can barely type, but I’m glad I’m typing because I can edit myself. I could not speak verbally how absolutely stupid the idea of combat training in schools is without the foulest of language. Ridiculous! Another idiot shoots and kills a bunch of people and instead of getting to the source of the problem which is proper help for mentally ill people, including institutions where they can do no harm. . . and creating nearly impossible access to guns, especially assault weapons.

Now some idiotic company wants to “protect” our kids by training them to respond by throwing stuff at the perpetrator? How many morons think this is the way? Tell me, how many? Have you ever been in a school? There are troubled children and sensitive children and silly children. I do not want terrified children. They are children! I don’t want them to prepare in this way. I want this way to not exist!

This idea is classic sweep the “problem” under the rug because we might make some powerful and wealthy assholes angry. But it’s the wrong solution for a much bigger problem! I don’t want my grandkids scared! Stop the fear mongering!

Get your lazy asses back to the drawing board and find another solution and stay there until you do! No amount of “training”, combat or otherwise, for teachers and students in classrooms is the answer!

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People Who Can Make a Decision

Thursday, October 01, 2015
Today I am grateful when someone can make a decision. Maybe it’s my karma lately, but I seem to be bumping into people who can’t make a simple decision to save their life.

I get behind a person who is driving in the same direction I am going. The right blinker goes on. They keep going straight, slowing down for no apparent reason, where there isn’t even a road. For three miles. Then the left blinker goes on. They never turn but the blinker stays on for another two miles. Really? I understand that they might not be from the area, but have some kind of clue for Pete’s (MY) sake! Be ready to make a mistake and turn down the wrong road. Then double check and turn around if it’s not right. Don’t willy-nilly down the road flipping from the right to left directional signals on the outside chance you might turn before Canada!

Then I’m in A.C. Moore and the poor clerk looks and sounds a little challenged. Why she is on the cash register I’ll never know. The saint in line in front of me is buying two small jars of paint. It came to $3.37. She gave the clerk a five. The clerk gave her back the wrong change. The saint kept saying, “Now watch” counting for her “. . .37, 38, 39, 40. . .then I need a dime to make 50 cents, then two quarters and a dollar.” Never happened. I had to go to another line. The manager was nearby and never made the decision to gently step in and clear things up. . .if not for the clerk, then for the poor customer who was desperate to leave with the correct change and the clerks dignity in hand.

Which brings me to wine. Bad segue? Who cares as long as it ends with wine? Do you like RED or do you like WHITE? Those are the only two questions I will ask you regarding wine, because I see no reason on earth to drink BLUSH. Blush is confused! If you ask me for “blush” you will get a combination of whatever red and white I already have open. Voila! At the very least I need my wine to make a decision! Even if people can’t!

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Personal Challenges

big lady working out
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Today I am grateful for personal challenges. I’m a little stubborn. I should probably pause for a while so those of you who know me well can compose yourselves. All better? I’ve had a good share of people try to enlighten me on what is best for me and it’s been going on for many years. Did you ever notice that someone else always has all of YOUR answers? Yea, me, too. I hate that.

So I dig in my heels. Eat tree bark? Fat chance. Oatmeal every day? In your dreams. Get a pedometer and do 10,000 steps a day? No thanks. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever touch sweets or anything fried? Shoot me now. Exercise longer, faster, more, more, more? Go to hell!

I’m no super model. I know that shocks you to hear me say it, but I’m not. I’m not perky, I’m beefy. It’s okay. I like me anyway. You probably would, too, if you really knew me. But facts are facts. When you’re tipping the scales at the big “O” (for obese-I hate that word) mark, exercise is difficult. Hell, getting out of the chair is difficult. Shaving your legs is difficult. If you’ve never been there, you don’t know, so trust me on this one. And add my. . .um. . .years on this earth to the mix. . .and a lot of things are difficult. But difficult does not necessarily mean impossible. I told myself. A lot. And often.

Monday I went to a Silver Sneakers class at the Y. I hadn’t done the class for a few months because I was at my outdoor pool and also my hip was acting up, but I love the instructor and the other classmates. We all share a similar “organ recital”. It was great to be back. “Do what you can, sitting or standing,” the instructor says and that gives me permission to set my carcass down if I need to. I rarely do. But having the option helps my brain.

When I got home I didn’t change out of my sneakers into slippers like I usually do. Soon I was suggesting to my husband that we get started on our basement reorganization, so we did. I found keeping the sneakers on seemed to motivate me to do more. Interesting. I’m such a whack-job that whenever I have a BINGO moment it shocks me.

I started thinking. . .always dangerous for me. . .but I wondered if maybe I could do all of the classes I love. . .in one day. 9 a.m.-Water Aerobics; 11:30 – Silver Sneakers; and a new class I’ve wanted to try at 12:15 – Geezer Yoga. I don’t think that’s the name, but it’s close. So on Monday I started planning. In my brain.

Packing my bag was complicated, because I’d need different clothes and sneakers and a water bottle and a snack. . .just in case I was starving after two classes and wanted to use that as an excuse to bag the last one. See, I know all of my tricks and excuses. Carrying the stupid bag was obviously going to be a big part of my work-out!

Well guess what? Today was the day! I did it! All of it! Three classes on the same day. . .and I’m still alive. Ironically each class today called for standing on my toes and those puppies protested towards the end of the yoga class so I had to sit for a minute, but that’s okay. I did it anyway. Over two hours. . . two hours and fifteen minutes, I’ll have you know!

Do I need traction or a chiropractor? Nope. Can I get off the toilet? Yes, today anyway. I don’t know about tomorrow, but I’ll spare you the update. I promise. Will I do this every day? No, for sure not, because I work out five days a week already and I’m not completely insane, besides, I still want to live.

But I’ll probably try to make it happen at least once a week. I met my personal challenge today. . .so I can set another challenge for next week and do it again. If I want to. And it was fun. Who knew? Certainly not me!

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bowed head-respect
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Today I am grateful for respect. Here is the definition. I looked it up. “Respect: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something, elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” I want all people, young or old, who are out there screaming, “. . .he dis-respected me. . .” to learn the correct definition. It’s earned, through actions.

A couple of weeks ago we attended the funeral of a dear friend. The older a person gets, the fewer living friends they have, and fewer people stay for the service. I wasn’t sure we would stay, either, but it turned out most of the others in this group of friends were out of town, so we represented for everyone.

After the service we decide to join the entourage as they went to the cemetery. It seemed like the right thing to do. We pulled into the line with lights and flashers on. . .the last car of about ten. The stream following the hearse twisted and turned down tiny suburban streets, ending up on the main road through town.

Far ahead of me I noticed an older man, looking like he wanted to get into his car which was parked on the street, facing the direction we headed. “Why isn’t that man getting in his car?” I asked my husband. “There is plenty of room for him to get in.”

As we got closer and I could see him clearly, I noticed he had his hands folded low in front of him and his head bowed. . .out of respect for the deceased. As we passed by him, in my rear view mirror, I watched him slightly bow once more, then get into his car. I was greatly affected by this moment which is still vivid in my mind. It was a true “heartprint” moment for me. A pause out of respect. . .for a stranger. . .because they had once lived a life. . . and had now passed from it. Wow. This man is my new hero.

His actions were very, very small. He probably hasn’t even given it a moment’s thought since it happened, yet I believe that this simple act of kindness is exactly what Pope Francis is talking about. Respect. . .even for a stranger. . .just because it’s the right thing to do.

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Binge Watching

America-Pope-Thumbs up
Monday, September 28, 2015
Today I am grateful for binge watching. It’s not like I didn’t do one other thing this weekend but watch Pope Francis. My son and family came up and we went to a park to fire off rockets. I made a “restaurant” breakfast, cleaned up; make a quiche for the week, cleaned up; read two entire Sunday newspapers; made spaghetti dinner, cleaned up and washed sheets and re-made the bed.

The thing is, with digital video recording, while I was doing all of that, the TV was working for me. That way whenever I sat down I could binge watch the pope. At one point I felt a moderate amount of guilt. I won’t let more than moderate amounts capture me.

Then I got to thinking how, because I want to be a responsible voter, I watched that ridiculous Republican Debate. What a waste of time. Whenever there is a natural disaster, like Katrina, or the fires in California, or the flooding in the Midwest, or a tsunami in Asia, I watch and send good vibes to the folks dealing with it head on.

That horrible, horrible time in our nation’s history, 9-11, had everyone in the country glued to the TV in shock and terror. We would wake up in the middle of the night and put the TV on because sleep was nearly impossible anyway. We watched and watched and watched, flipping channels to see if another station had more information than the one we were tuned in to. We were consumed with grief and fear. Hope seemed to fly out the broken windows of the World Trade. It was as though our universe was unraveling like a sweater with a loose thread. Yet we watched. It was a horrible binge of destruction and terror.

But that was then and this is now. This weekend I watched the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia. This weekend was full of hope, peace, compassion and understanding. I might have had enough, maybe not. I still click on Facebook posts of yet another special moment. I’ll probably shed another tear or three thousand. But today I don’t feel frustrated like I did with the debate; or upset at the fires and flooding; or worried I might have had friends in the Asian tsunami; or completely devastate with despair like I did after 9-11. Today I feel invigorated, lifted up, joyful, and at peace. This feeling is going to last a very long time. Yes, I binge watched. I hope you did, too.

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