Green Back Brush

a backbrush in locker

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Today I am grateful for my green back brush.  The kid is stretching it with this one, but apparently this little brush decided to go on a little holiday and I have no idea where she’s been.


She disappeared a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t know if she was stolen, or if she dropped out of my bag and decided to run away because I didn’t bother to notice until days later.


“My back brush is missing,” I said one day as I was hauling my crap out of my pool bag getting ready for water aerobics.  My peeps are used to seeing my brush because I use it every time I’m there.  They offered advice on where it might be. . .but just like their directions to restaurants, most of it was confusing and virtually useless, albeit humorous.

Hmpf, I thought, when I was looking in my car later and back tracking my steps.  Nope.  I searched my laundry room where I hang my bag, but no, not there either.  I even checked the garage, although I rarely park in there.


“My back brush is lost,” I said to Himself one day after yet another search.  He looked at me like I was nuts, which is pretty much his normal look in our house.


“Didn’t you get it at the dollar store?” he asked.  Yes, I did, but that’s not the point.  Like shoes or bras or underpants, I just about had the thing broken in!  And now she’s gone!  Abandoned me without a second thought.  Bitch!


I grabbed another brush from the “extra back brushes” pile and have been using that since she left.  It’s a little too bristly, not broken in at all, but okay in a pinch.


With the pool being closed for a week and me babysitting, I didn’t get back there until yesterday.  I opened my usual locker and voila, there she was, sitting on t he top shelf all green and shiny, with remnants of our last shower excursion evident by the soap still clinging to her grooves.  Groovy!


I used her that day.  We had a little one-sided discussion in the shower about how I hope she wasn’t off cleaning toilets or something otherwise disgusting because I had no desire to pitch her in the trash for the error of her ways.  Maybe someone will come forth to solve the mystery, but if it’s that she was in the lost n’ found, I don’t want to know.  I never thought to check there.  Come up with a better story and I’ll listen!


Some days you just have to count your blessings for the little things.  My runaway, green back brush is back and I am grateful.  Where was she?  Be creative.  Go!

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