Kitchen Gadgets


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Today I am grateful for kitchen gadgets.  I’ve been a bit under the weather and not up to writing lately.  I feel like the snowy, freezing rain, yucky weather.  I hope my front passes soon.


That said, there are two types of stores that I should not enter without a keeper.  Office Supply and Kitchen Gadget.  I have an illness requiring intervention with both but today I’m hitting on kitchen stuff.


Did you ever go to a store, decide not to buy something and then have I-didn’t-buy-it-regret?  I have that right now, because when we were at the great kitchen store in Peddlers Village, I saw a kale leaf stripper.  I need one.  Because I eat kale maybe three times a year.  I can pretty much strip my kale by hand. . .even without a pole. . .but the stripper would be so much fun, as stripping anything often is.  Yes, I went there.


This little green gizmo was rubber and had different sized holes in it.  I know you’re thinking about how rubber things are dangerous when they have holes.  Admit it.  You are.  This thing had places to strip not only the larger kale leaves, but also various spice leaves, like Rosemary and Basil, both of whom should keep stripping to the privacy of their own rooms.


I was not only going to buy one of the intriguing doodads, but two, so I could give one away.  Then I thought I needed three, one for me, one for each of my kids, who buy kale way more often than I do.  But I didn’t buy any.  Not one.


I got a zester and butter dish.  I broke the chopper Himself uses when he dices onions for me.  My sous chef will go on strike without the proper gadgets, so I had to buy him a new one.  Then I also got him some little pot holders where his gnarly fingers fit into pockets so that he doesn’t burn himself every single morning taking his tea water out of the microwave.  We can now start the day without blue language.  See what a nice gal I am.  Always thinking of Himself.  At a kitchen store.


I did not get the following:  placemats, towels, cooling racks, an onion case, a lemon keeper, a rubber mat that stretches to keep anything fresh because everyone needs a fresh something (there you go again), a key ring that looked like a whisk, 245 other thingamajigs that I wanted but would have to move to own.


I’m over all of that stuff.  Good thing Himself hustled my obsessive-ass out of that store fast.  The last thing I need is more kitchen gadgets. But that little kale stripper still haunts me.  Road trip?


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