Tea Parties

a alina & audrey tea party.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Today I am grateful for tea parties.  Again.  Only this one didn’t have any real tea or food involved because it was pretend.  These days I find “pretend” to be very, very refreshing.  Reality is a bit of a pain in the ass, but pretend can be anything you want it to be.  Always good.


Last night we were invited to dinner at our son and his family’s house.  Pretty much I think the granddaughter saw us as two huge toys standing on her stoop because she had us on task all night and it was a blast.  Puzzles and games and dolls, oh my.  Miss Bossy pants has her way of doing things, but will be shown another way.  To a point.  Then it’s her way or a new game.  Kind of like me with Monopoly, only she’s way more polite and doesn’t throw the board into the air like a piñata exploded.


For whatever reason, after dinner, she decided we would play “store” which morphed into at tea party and lunch.  Usually she loses interest in whatever we do within 20 minutes, which is typical for her age.  I’m better at misdirection than Magic John is.  But last night it was all about that tea party.


We had to get her favorite doll, Audrey into the play.  I must have poured a hundred cups of fake tea and swished at least as many spoonsful of sugar and squeezed lemon, into them too.  We held our saucers in one hand, picked the tea cup up with pinkies held high, blew on the too-hot-fake-brew and sipped like ladies.  Forever.  We shared wooden kiwi, bananas and watermelon. We made Audrey a sandwich with butter, pink “meat” and cheese.  We argued endlessly over what was probably supposed to be a chicken drumstick, but I called a bowling pin.  When the child gets an actual drumstick someday and calls it a bowling pin, it’ll be on me.


Tea parties are always fun.  I don’t think it will be too long before she’s ready for me to set one up with my Indonesian china, real tea and tiny sammies.  I better allow an entire day!  Can’t wait.

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