a point pleasant canoe shack

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Today I am grateful for stilts.  Did you ever try walking on stilts?  Did you ever see someone at a fair or Disney, who had mastered stilt walking?  I have and it’s amazing.   Hey, look, I told myself that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I don’t go to the pool first thing in the morning, I’d get other things done.  Householdy things.  Tedious closet-cleaning-kind-of-things.  Today I’m supposed to be cleaning my microwave, stove top and kitchen floor.


That’s why I’m writing about stilts.  Stilts are much more fun that greasy build up or exploded salmon, which is what’s facing me on the stove and microwave respectively.  And in order to do a proper mop job, I’ll have to move chairs, sweep and shake out the rug that’s in front of the sink.  Booorrrriiiinnnggg.


But stilts aren’t boring.  Nothing about them is boring.  When I was younger and not worried about breaking every bone in my body, I tried walking on stilts.  I got up on them and moved two steps – FAST!  Then jumped off in terror.  Never tired again.  I don’t jump anyplace but in the pool anymore so I won’t be trying them now.


That’s why I respect the stilt buildings that line the Delaware River.  I don’t have to balance on them and realize that they are built that way out of necessity.  When that river decides to rage, the damage can be devastating.  Stilts give businesses a fighting chance.  The picture is from Point Pleasant Canoe, where you can rent inner tubes or canoes, then they bus you to a northern point on the river, toss you in and you float down.  Whee!


I think it sounds like fun, but I’ve never done it, Himself says it sounds like his worst nightmare, but I don’t have as many spare parts as he has and I float like a buoy without a tube.  “You don’t put a guy who can’t swim, hates water even the shower, who wears hearing aids and glasses and buys his teeth from “the man” into raging water,” he says.  I see his point.  But I still want to go sometime and have put it on my bucket list.


The good news is that I don’t have to float down a river to see the buildings on stilts and neither does he.  The further good news is that mastering walking on stilts is not a requirement for anything in my life, especially cleaning that kitchen.  Sigh!  Maybe I’ll write two blogs today instead!

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