Unseasonably Beautiful Days

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Today I am grateful for unseasonably beautiful days.  Yesterday was a beauty.  Bright sunshine, clear skies, cool but not cold air.  It was simply gorgeous.


Himself and I decided to take the afternoon and ride around Bucks County.  We wanted to go to our favorite kitchen store in Peddler’s Village anyway, so heading into New Hope and then taking the river road back north seemed like a good choice.


It was fun.  But it wasn’t fun because the day was nice, or the air was cool and clear, or we found what we wanted at the kitchen store.  It was fun because we were flexible.  It’s been a long time since we just drove around “looking” at this time of year.  Not only do you see more trash because the foliage is absent, you also see entire housing units you had no clue were there.

Sometimes we like to drive through the multi-million dollar developments.  It’s fun to imagine who lives there and what kind of job they do to afford such mega mansions.  Bucks County is loaded with them.


“If we won the 80 million dollar lottery would you want to live in a place like that?” Himself asks me.

“Not unless I had a full-on household staff like we did when we were in Indonesia.  Look at all of those windows!”


Himself doesn’t want to maintain a pool, like he did when we lived in Hilltown.  He’s all done with that.  I’m not in the mood to clean any more house than I currently have and actually wish I didn’t have to clean even this place.  So I don’t, most of the time.  With no kids or animals it doesn’t get that dirty.  Himself vacuums up the occasional popcorn shrapnel and that’s enough for me.


We saw a castle, built in 2007, just outside of Peddlers Village that had a locked gate.    It had turrets and odd shaped windows and a half a dozen chimneys and amazing landscaping and I would LOVE to get inside and check it out. Even though I sat just shy of the security key-pad, they wouldn’t let me in.  Spoil sports.  I’m certain the cameras were on us and I didn’t get a picture because that would have required getting out of the car and closer to the fence and although I didn’t see guard dogs, I wasn’t taking any chances.  If they are on Facebook message me so we can set a time for my visit.  I’ll go oooh-ahhh when you show me your castle, I promise.


I’d drive past someplace and Himself would ask, “What was that building back there, a hotel?”  I didn’t know so we turned back to check it out.  All day it went like that.  “When did that development go up?”  Again I’d turn in.  We saw people getting their mail, jogging, walking dogs and a family of six deer, buck included, casually cross the road, giving us the stink eye for staring at them.  One woman was walking a gorgeous dog so I opened my window all the way and said, “Oh my, aren’t you a beautiful baby,” to the dog.  “Why thank you,” the woman answered, patting her hair and straightening her coat.  She said I made her day.  Vice versa.  Laughter always works.


My dad would call what we did senseless ambling.  He wasn’t a fan.  You go from point A to point B with as much efficiency as possible.  My dad was missing out.  Because sometimes wandering aimlessly, without a timeline or expectation is wonderful.  Especially on an unseasonably beautiful day.

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