Super Bowl Games

a me in Eagles helmet

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Today I am grateful for Super Bowl Games.  But boy are they boring.  Sorry if that offends those rooting for the Patriots or Rams, but holy smoke when my team, last year’s World Champion Philadelphia Eagles, is not playing it’s a real snooze fest.


Good thing the granddaughter was here because after too many hot-wings and more nacho’s grande than is allowed on one planet, we retired to the “big” bed and watched “Thumbelina”.  It was way better than the game in the other room, based on the long silences followed by occasional angry outbursts.


Last year we watched our team win the true  American way at an American Legion, surrounded by our family and the friends of my son.  I was probably the least footbally person in the crowd. . .until the game got good.  Then I turned into a lunatic like everyone else.  It was a blast and by the end of the game I was sweating, exhausted and glad I didn’t have to call 911 for my son, who I’m sure was close to a cardiac incident several times.


It was a good game and I don’t think it’s just because the Eagles won it.  It was exciting and fast and controversial, like watching a bunch of street kids in a pick-up game.  Who alive in our region will ever forget the Philly Special?  No one, that’s who!


But tonight?  Oh my.  I’m sitting in the same room with Himself because the son took the toddler home already and I hate to have him watch a big game alone.  See what a good wife I am taking one for the team?  But even he said, “This is the most boring Super Bowl ever.”


Maybe anything after last year would feel pretty dull.  I know people who were having parties but watching the recording of last year’s game.  Re-run football is too far of a reach for me.  The bottom line is I’m happy to be writing and catching up on some of the blogs I follow.  All Super Bowls are NOT created equal.  “Fly Eagles, fly!”  I’ll get the helmet and be ready for next year!


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