Walking Backwards

a windblown woman cartoon

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Today I am grateful for walking backward.  Geeze, we ran to COSTCO after finishing ditching Christmas and even I almost blew away and I’m grounded like no Weeble you’ve ever met!


I don’t look good with my hair off of my forehead.  I can do a side part and show a little, but not too much.  I’m starting (as of 40 years ago) to have a receding hairline like a man where my hairline goes back on both sides over my eyebrows. If I pull my hair back totally off my forehead get out the projector because you could show a movie on that sucker.  Too much of my face is not a good thing.


That’s why I was freaked out today and more than a little conflicted.  I know how good every single person’s haircut was because their hair blew straight back or straight up from the roots and held here in the gale winds.  Snip-snip.  Mine starts out straight up so I was good. But I have bangs, too.  And that aforementioned forehead issue.


I nearly got hit by a car in the parking lot walking backwards so the wind would not blow my bangs back.  It didn’t work anyway because it swooshed around me, like Dorothy’s house.  Still, I didn’t want to scare anyone at COSTCO because just that experience on a Sunday is scary enough.  Hang onto your follicles out there!  Walking backwards isn’t safe!

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