a leaping dog

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Today I am grateful for solutions.  I was in a total panic yesterday because the word program for my blog stories seized up like my hip does sometimes and would not be corrected no matter what I did.  We finally left for our day and I confess that by the time I got on the boat at Wisconsin Dells, I had put it out of my mind, but that was two hours later.


I hate computers.  I love computers.  Pass the beer nuts!  I know my machine is ancient by computer standards.  I know I need a new one with more memory.  I, myself qualify on both of the above, so it’s not like I’m in denial.  Even though I’m assured I can probably get way more than I need (memory wise) for under $300, that’s $300 I don’t have.  But I might have to find it because I don’t want to go through what happened yesterday again.


I have a great friend who has walked me through dumping crap to increase hard drive.  Sounds simple, right?  So when we got home last night I tried to get into my program and got the same error message.  All I had tried to do was copy and paste something from another word program so it was driving me nuts.


I tried to do an update.  Nothing.  I tried to go back to a previous time.  Nothing.  I tried to look for a ball-peen hammer to beat the crap out of it.  Nothing.  Until finally, after Googling everything I could think of, a little icon appeared at the bottom right telling me that nothing would update unless I had 300 whatever’s of space.


I went in and dumped thousands of pictures that were not in files.  I don’t know what I did back in the day but some of my pictures downloaded three times.  I wish there was an easy way to clean them up, but it’s just time consuming.  Yet what good are the ten year old pictures to me if I can’t use the computer?  None!  So away they went.  I didn’t examine them, just dumped them.  Then I deleted them from the trash and ran another clean-up and went to bed.


It took forever for everything to open up this morning on my computer.  Forever!  Or five minutes, but when you’re holding your breath, that’s forever.  I was actually starting to bawl when I clicked on the “word” program.  When the same error popped up, I really bawled.  Crap!  Then I clicked on it to open anyway, even though it shut down with an attitude and it opened.  Oh JOY!


My love/hate relationship with technology continues!  The reality is that I need to stick a crowbar in my wallet and get a new computer.  Oh my.  How will I survive the process? Like Miss Scarlett, “I can’t think about that today.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.  Tomorrow is another day.” I chose a picture of the leaping German Shepherd from yesterday’s trip to Wisconsin Dells to remind myself to take the “leap”, but for right now I found a solution!

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