Good Men & Women of the Phildelphia Police Department

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Friday, February 09, 2018

Today I am grateful for the good men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department. I glutted Facebook with videos and pictures from the Philadelphia Super Bowl World Championship Eagles Parade yesterday and ruminated as to what stood out the most and couldn’t decide so I just picked the police first.  More will follow in the coming days.


Philly fans are tough.  They make no bones about being tough.  So are Philly cops.  Who also make no bones about it, but I’ve see the police in dicey situations before and each and every time they SHINE!  The parade yesterday was no exception.


Well, yes it was an exception because not only did they shine, they sparkled in such a way that only added to the already awesome experience.  Where we stood on Broad Street, between Hicks and Wharton, was about the halfway point between where the parade started and City Hall.


The crowds on both sides of the street were gargantuan and pumped.  Very, very pumped!  It was like a pep rally on speed and I’m no expert, but I think there was a little “South Philly Smoke” wafting through the air occasionally.  Everyone was happy.  Everyone.  So no one really cared.  Including the cops.


Don’t get me wrong.  They were definitely on the job, perusing the crowds and making sure no one got hurt.  Yet when someone threw a football across the street to our side, they laughed and applauded. If one landed in the street where they were assigned, they picked it up and threw it back into the crowd.  Some of them had pretty good arms.  Many started the Eagles chant and sang the fight song, which even I have I have heard enough for a while.  They talked to people at the fences, shook hands, posed for pictures and were great ambassadors for the City of Brotherly Love!


That would have been enough for me in my warm fuzzy state of joy.  Then the parade started, led first by squad cars, then the motorcycle police, with some of them clad in yellow and black and looking like a bunch of bumblebees-on-wheels and buzzing about as loudly.  They were awesome, motioning the crowd to cheer.  They revved their engines, holding one arm up in the air because we are #1.  The Eagles are really. . .but we are, too.  All of us who have watched them for so many years and you could feel that in the air, like a bionic energy source.


When I thought I couldn’t feel prouder of the city cops, the parade ended with the mounted brigade!  In this day and age, in the heart of a concrete jungle, to see the most beautiful horses prancing down the street with proud riders was beyond awesome.


Thank you to the Philadelphia Police Department.  Working together in harmony with all of the other sanctions (and there were many), you helped give Philly a day to remember forever.  And I am very grateful.

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