a chinese military parade

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Today I am grateful for outrage.  And you should be, too.  Yes, grateful that so far, at least as of the time I’m writing this, we are still a democracy and are allowed our outrage.  What will calls to silence our voices, who knows when that will end?


And if you are not outraged about the person sitting in the big chair in Washington DC telling the commanders to start planning a BIG military parade, which would cost millions and millions of dollars, not to mention waste the time of people who actually do good work, then you should be.  We all should be.  Every single one of us.  For him to even bring this up when the budget and potential government shut down still looms. . .and he flies off to LaLa Land to golf is unbelievable!!!!


For the last year we have been smacked in the face with so many egotistically based lies and so many blame games that those of us with any sense of decency at all have our heads spinning. . .no matter which politically party is on your voter registration card.  And if you don’t have a card you better get one NOW!  Today!


DACA people have been held in a state of limbo forever, unable to plan for a future they don’t know if they’ll have.  The budget still isn’t passed.  Why?  “Oh it’s those Democrats!” the egomaniac says.  “Close the government!  If they don’t give me money for the wall!” (that Mexico was going to pay for) “Shut it down!” he repeats over and over, with good republicans in his own meeting trying to talk some sense into him.  Fugetaboutit.  That ship has sailed.  There is no sense there.  None.


And with talk of cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security; and the loss of healthcare for so many individuals; and education experiencing more unbelievable slashing; and more veterans than ever experiencing PTSD and homelessness; and property taxes and every other cost going up; and a “wonderful” new tax bill that sure isn’t helping me or probably you; and that ridiculous “wall” idea; and now the Chief of Staff talking smack about people, too,  the last thing we need is a military parade.  What we need is a clean sweep of our government “leaders”.  Now!  All of them! Please!


This irresponsible bragger has an ego that not even the highest office or biggest parade can fix.  He can’t be fixed.  I have given up hope that he can.  His mouth spouts bullshit about treason and immigrants and nothing he says makes any sense anymore.  I know I’m rambling in my outrage and probably not making much sense, either.  I don’t care.


Yeah, let’s go all over the country and world to assemble the tanks and troops, which are doing a job for us, so that Mr. Egomaniac can say to the world, who despise him, too, “See how my “people” love ME?”  No, we don’t.  We’re sick of you.  Sick to death of the lies and the tweets.  And I for one am sick of the back-peddling those around you have to do every day.  It’s disgusting and totally undignified.  How many hundreds of times have they had to mop up after your stupid, lying tweets?


Shut up.  Just shut up.  Stop!  Someone please get to the bottom of the Russian Investigation soon so that we can be done with this toxic administration before we are destroyed as a nation beyond recovery.


I don’t want a wall unless he’s on the other side of it.  Frankly, I’d take more Mexican immigrants, illegal or not, who are hardworking, kind, appreciative people. . . above an entitled, rich, spoiled brat who thinks-he’s-all-that and is far from it!


I don’t want a damned military parade!  That would be the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars ever.  Yes EVER!  Did ya hear me?  EVER!  And I’m all done shutting up.  I’m all done listening to yet another way to feed a dangerous ego.  And I’m all done with Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 and Thing 4 in the White House.


Go ahead. . .slam me big time.  Tell me Hilary was worse.  Remind me of the “bad” choices we had at this last presidential election.  Call me a bleeding heart liberal for having empathy for others.  I no longer give a shit if you do.  Call me a snowflake.  I don’t care about that, either.  I don’t want to be political but I refuse to be silent.


This time he goes too far.  Again.  When is too far going to outrage those of you who supported him?  I suspect many have passed that point a long time ago, just like I did when I originally supported Nixon.  If you have no tipping point; if he can do leterally anything and it will still be okay; then go see a shrink because that is called brainwashing.


If this new egotistical military parade idea doesn’t outrage you, then what will? If you can’t see how it smacks of the way dictators behave in countries like China and North Korea, then open your eyes.  If the person in the highest office in the country calling out the opposing political party for “treason” for NOT applauding his eminence at his State of the Union Address and you don’t see Hitler and his cronies in that picture, then I give up.


Are you uncomfortable reading this?  Good.  Me, too, writing it.  And we better stay uncomfortable because it is only when we are distressed that we know our brains are working fully and we are evaluating with reason.  It’s when we sit back in our coast-zone, ignoring wrong when it’s right in front of our face, that danger lies.


As for me?  I am outraged!  Again!  And from now on I’m not shutting my mouth, worried that I’ll offend someone I generally like.  Sorry.  But not sorry.  If you don’t like it, write something about it on your own post.  Send it to me.  I’d love some answers.


I was reminded today that not all “Heartprints” feel good. And this ridiculous military parade doesn’t feel like cute little “bing” to my heart.  It feels like a tazer!  I’m calling it what it is.  Outrage!

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