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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Today I am grateful for people who go above and beyond.  Yesterday when I posted that our furnace was out, I was gob-smacked with offers of help from so many people that it took my breath away.


Himself placed the first call to the company whose sticker is on the furnace and they said someone would be here between noon and four.  At four – no word and no person.  I suggested he call again.  This is not my first rodeo.  He did and since he had the phone on speaker even I heard, “Yes, Mr. Mooney. They will be coming to you next.”  Okay, great. He cranked the space heater up another notch and settle in with his popcorn and remote.


Our houseguest, his traveling partner and our friends were going to join us for a simple dinner, so I figured by that time the heat would be on.  When five came and went and no one showed up or called, I “suggested” he call again.  Closed.  He got the emergency line and left a message.  What is it about these places that people are so inefficient?  Can no one do their total jobs, including follow-through?  It boggles the mind.


A man called us back and we explained what had happened.  He said, “It is after hours so I will have to charge you the emergency rate.”  No, thank you.  I didn’t hit the roof, but almost.  He finally agreed to trust us when we said we had called and what they told us.   I said he needed to take this up with his company who had been ineffectual not just once, but twice.


Because my computer is warm, I stayed on line with it on my lap.  That’s my story.  I was really screwing off until I needed to finish dinner stuff.  Then my phone started to ring, my message box filled up and the texts came in at rapid-fire rate.  We were offered shelter for the night at maybe four different homes, one of which is in Wisconsin and I considered it because I love those people and especially love their dog.


People I only know from Facebook and have never met were prepared to lend us space heaters and offered sound advice if we had to go the night without heat.  Others I do know were ready to drive over in a sleet storm, with more space heaters if we needed them.  If I had accepted all of the kind offers our house would have felt like Jakarta without the humidity.  Himself would be happy, I’d be melted.  Thank you to all. Your generosity blows my mind.


Fast forward to 6:20 and when the repair man finally walks in the door.  My dinner guests arrive at 6:25.  So much for well-timed plans.   The repairman was fantastic and fixed the problem in less than 20 minutes.  Pulled-pork in the crock pot can hold, so all was well.


Here are my Pollyanna thoughts on the furnace debacle.

  • It wasn’t a Sunday, when rates are way higher and help impossible to come by.
  • The outside temperature had also risen from cold as the tundra, too cold as Canada, so that’s good.
  • We have a space heater I got Himself for his birthday so he can make the bathroom into a Swedish Sauna before taking a shower.
  • While the repairman was not initially happy on the phone, he was great once here.
  • The furnace was not completely busted.
  • A stuck pressure switch and its installation “only” cost $256.20. . .a bargain in the big picture.
  • And last – we have a credit card, even if it goes TILT!


But the best thing I learned was if I ever need any kind of help again, I’m hitting the Facebook links.  You people go above and beyond!  And I am very grateful.  Always!

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