Sunday, January 07, 2018

Today I am grateful to Un-Christmas.  I really loved my Christmas decorations this year and almost didn’t want to take them down.  Until I did.  And then they had to be gone in sixty seconds because I was all done with them.


Why on earth do I have to decorate so much?  Why do we expect to have it all gone and the house back in order in two days when it took us two weeks to get it all up?  How much damage can you do to a fake tree when you abuse that which WAS a thing of beauty, but now is jammed unceremoniously into the holding bags and dragged down the basement steps?  Poor thing.  I never want to see it again.


Down it came!  The stuff on the top of the TV unit.  Bam!  The staircase.  Whoosh.  The over window garland in the sunroom.  Flop.  The big balls?  Gone in a flash.  The argument about how best to pack the tree.  Check.


The fights over what goes where hasn’t started yet because so far all of it is just strewn around the basement waiting for me to go down and pack it up in either the boxes it all came out of, or re-label where I put it this year.  That way we can find it all next year.  As if!  We’ll still dig needlessly.  Himself will still stand, staring at a box that says “purple shit” on it and say, “I can’t find the purple shit.  It’s not there!”  Then I will come down and point to the label that says, “purple shit” and he’ll be mad because I’m a smarty pants.  Ho-ho-ho.


So it’s all gone. . .except the snowflakes and lights in the kitchen, which I love so much I might not take them down until March.  If ever.  Or I’ll get sick of them next week.  Who knows.  I do know I am never, ever decorating so much at Christmas again.  Ever.  Until next year.

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