Outdoor Decorations

December 30, 2017

Today I am grateful for outdoor Christmas decorations.  I remember the energy crisis back in the day when everyone was told get smaller cars, emission controls were added to everything, including my electric mixer and people were discouraged from putting out Christmas lights during the holidays.  Boo-hoo, bah-humbug!


I get it.  Energy is a vital resource.  When we bought new appliances I made sure that they were all energy “star” rated because not only do I care about the environment, but I don’t mind saving a buck, either.


But with Christmas lights?  Sorry.  All bets are off.  I just love them.  All of them.  I love the tastefully designed, all-white lights with an occasional lit up deer; I love the candy canes that never seem to stand upright in the row for which they were designed; I love the old fashioned, big-bulbed-multi-colored-energy-sucking ones; I love the choirs, elves, snowmen and Santas.


I love the newest thing where a grid of tiny lights shine all over someone’s entire house in morphing colors; I love the spotlight that splashes dancing snowflakes or presents around the yard and garage; I love the blue lights that seem to give the most dramatic effect of all.


And, drum-roll-please, brace yourself, I even love the blow-up creatures that everyone else seems to despise.  I like them better at night when they are standing tall, or leaning in a coquettish way like one Frosty was last night.   Too much eggnog, I suspect.  But I get a kick out of them during the day, too, when Mr. & Mrs. Claus melt onto the ground head-to-toe, in suggestive ways.  Go Santa!


Last night we finally took the time to ride around and take in all of the lights.  We kept bumping into friends of ours who were way braver than us and got out of their car to walk around.  Himself was not about to do that with wind chills in the near single digits.  Jersey City boy whoosie!  Obviously he is not a native of the great Wisconsin tundra, like I am.  I stayed in the car to support him.  J


Taking pictures with my phone was challenging, but I managed to manipulate a few of them to make them suitable for posting.  I hope we are never faced with another energy crisis.  A dark Christmas just isn’t the same.  Bring on the outdoor decorations and lights!

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