The Day After

Top and playdoh

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Today I am grateful for the day after.  Wow, what a lot of hoopla in the last few days.  And what a lot of fun, too!  I barely had anything alcoholic to drink on Christmas Eve, when we celebrate with our immediate family and I didn’t have ANY alcohol at our son’s house yesterday, yet today I feel like I was on a week-long bender.  This must be what getting old is about.  I’ll add it to the growing list.


It’s 9:30 a.m. as I write this and Himself just rolled out of bed.  Wow!  I wish I could sleep like that, but no, not me, I’m up at o’dark-thirty no matter how exhausted I was the night before.  And I feel like it, too.  I see a serious nap in my future.


But first I have to wear every single thing I got for Christmas, even if it isn’t clothing.  I’m planning on switching between my new “real” slippers and my blinking Yeti-fur-with-tinsel booties several times today.


I’m going to start the new Ken Follett book; play with the new deluxe Spirograph set, make origami; mess with my sequin-almost-as-much-fun-as-an-Etch-a-Sketch pillow; and create something with the Play-Doh (ages 2+ so I’m good) that was in my stocking.  I’ll try to figure out what the other things in my stocking were, because so far I’m not smart enough to understand the point of the fidget thingy or the sort-of-like-a-top thingy Santa put in there.  Or maybe not.  All of that will get me to about eleven o’clock.  Then maybe we’ll use the movie passes!  Focus is not high on my list today.  Can you tell?


I already indulged in left-overs for breakfast, along with a couple of the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever eaten (made by my daughter-in-law) and for sure the best peanut butter balls ever (made by my son).  I don’t bake anymore because the kids don’t eat everything and then I have to live with a bunch of canisters screaming at me to “finish it and then be done!”  This never bodes well. I cannot cohabitate safely with a lot of junk food (aka/great food) in the house.  This morning I saw the recycling guys coming down the street and rushed out with some sweet treats for them.  Not the peanut butter balls. Sorry guys.  I’m taking the hit with those puppies!


I’m also sending out a big blessing for our trash haulers.  It’s cold and windy and the first day after Christmas and their day is going to be long and involve much more lifting than it usually does, what with huge boxes and bags of debris. Be sure you know where your pets and children are before you take things to the curb.  And trash collector folks, be aware of the barking box!


I hope your holiday was what you wanted it to be.  Mine sure was.  But I’m curious. . .can a person get a “day after” feeling from sugar-carb-bender?  My guess is yes.  And it’s bliss!

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1 Response to The Day After

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Sounds like a great “binge of happiness” – Have a happy new year – see ya in ’18!!!

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