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grateful card

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Today I am grateful for bargain cards.  The absolute coolest thing about writing this blog is all of the amazing people I’ve connected with.  For a people person, like me, that means it’s Christmas every day!


Before I tell you the point of this post, please know that I will not ask for, nor do I expect you to do sometime similar.  I’m just sharing because people are amazing and someone out there really does read what I write about.  I get a kick out of that!   Because most of my cyber and regular friends are a little whacky, like me, occasionally someone will send me something.  Stop!  Don’t feel guilty because you haven’t.  I mean it!  I’ll unfriend you if I even suspect you’re self-flagellating.  I rarely send a thing to anyone because I’m lazy and cheap and I don’t feel guilty.   So there you have it.  Don’t hang out at your mailbox waiting.


Every so often a little package, or a puffy envelop, or a card will turn up.  Himself will say, “Who do we know in. . .”  Wisconsin, Georgia, Australia, New York, Missouri, etc.  No clue.  Not one.


But my bargain hunting friends know me.  So when one or two of them are at a flea market and see weirdo sunglasses, which I love, they send them.  Some are almost too weird for even me.  Almost.  Another sent me a knitted dish cloth when she saw I was making crocheted ones.  Then there was a very cool ring that has an elastic band so it fits.   One got me a subscription to a daily meditation book that I read every single morning.  I don’t remember it past noon, but I read it.  Maybe it’s sinking in and I don’t realize it.  I hope so.


The latest surprise was a card.  Yup, just a card, but it made my week.  Why?  Because the person who sent it is the sister of a good friend and I’ve never met her.  She was at a thrift store poking through the really cheap bin of Hallmark cards and stumbled upon the one pictured.  She thought of me and the daily gratitude blog.  Wrote a note.  Found out my address.  And sent it!  And that’s the best!  BING!  Heartprint!

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One Response to Bargain Cards

  1. Donna Lukshides says:

    You have a gift for coming up with just what I needed reminding of (yes, this ends with a preposition …!) You get the idea.

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