Surprise Checks

a check for John

Monday, November 13, 2017

Today I am grateful for surprise checks.  In have been overwhelmed by the generosity of Facebook friends, some of whom I have never met, and also my in person friends, who are sending me or dropping off gift cards for those in such dire need in Puerto Rico.


I used to tell my last co-worker that I had a very nice, kind, White Guy sitting on my right shoulder and a nasty, hateful, wicked Red Guy sitting on the other.  Sometimes they speak to each other and even argue through my head/brain, which is a trip of greater proportions than any drug could provide.   You don’t want to be me.


The White Guy is collecting the $25 Walmart cards.  But the Red Guy has an opinion.  So I joked, yes, just joked, with Himself that with all of those gift cards we could have one almighty Christmas.  Shut up, Red Guy!  The White guy reminds me that I would have to look in a mirror and would absolutely never, ever be able to live with myself if I did something like that.  Then I turned on the water tap and said to Himself, “There!  That’s what we are getting for Christmas!  Water!  Running water.  And that’s more than those poor people in Puerto Rico have!!!”  Yes!  The white guy wins every time.  So far.


Yet when I was opening the mail and determined to keep a positive attitude regarding finances, I said out loud, “I wonder how many surprise checks will be in the mail today?”  Sure enough, there was one!  Did the Red Guy just flip me the bird?


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