a walmart gift card

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Today I am grateful for generosity.  My world is full of the most generous souls ever and most of them don’t even realize it.  That makes them doubly special.


I mentioned to my book club that a dear friend of mine who is a flight attendant, has another friend who spends a lot of time in Puerto Rico and has told her how terribly grim the situation is for those still trying to live there.  The cities aren’t bad, but most of the outlying areas, like Lansdale is to Philadelphia, are without water or electricity.  It doesn’t get more basic than that.


My friend and her friend decided to send out a Facebook post requesting $25 gift cards from Walmart, which was the only big store open and accessible at the time and might still be.  Their idea was that because each card was for a set amount they could spread them out further and parents might be able to give their children some sort of Christmas.  Or water.  Or clothing.  Or food.  So far they have collected 300 gift cards.  Wow.  Just wow.


I presented this to my book club and they are coming through like gang busters.  Living on my fixed income, I can’t afford to donate each time there is a need, especially with the huge needs in the last few months.  But I can afford $25.  At least this time, I can.


Then while having coffee after water aerobics I mentioned the plan to those women, too, so waddaya bet I’ll get some from them, too?  The goal is to get them to the people by Thanksgiving.  The kind gentleman who started this ball rolling will deliver them in person and take some appropriate pictures so we can actually see the faces of those we care so much about, even though we’ve never met them.


The goal is to get the cards to them by Thanksgiving.  I am mailing ours to my friend on Wednesday.  I know how tight finances are for a lot of you so don’t ever worry if you can’t participate in something like this.  It’s okay. Really. I also know others of you hesitate to donate to the big organizations because of the overhead expenses.  Me, too.


That’s why I’m happy that a couple of generous people, with hearts as big as Puerto Rico, are taking care of this.  Every card will go to someone who needs it.  No overhead.  No kickback.  If you want to send a $25 Walmart card, too, either get it to me by Wednesday or message/email me and I will get you the address to send it to them directly.   Generosity, even in the form of holding a good thought, or saying a prayer for those still struggling, wins!  This time!  Every time!


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