Veterans & Families

a army pic of my dad

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Today I am grateful for veterans. . .but not only the veterans who serve in uniforms, also their families who serve in a self-sacrificing way, too.


It’s not easy to be away from your family when you are in the military, but it’s not easy for the family to have you gone, either.  The husbands and wives left behind have to be all things for their children, trying to juggle their schedules to meet everyone’s needs.  That’s not easy for anyone.


Extended families, the moms and dads of those in the military have the added responsibility to keep a positive attitude for the family and the soldier.  And they have to do this while they are scared to death that they’ll get the call or see someone walking up their steps with horrible news.  Living under that kind of stress takes its toll on everyone.


The stress often doesn’t end upon the return of those enlisted.  Sometimes it goes on for years.  They see things, hear things, experience things differently because of what they witnessed while deployed.  Coping mechanisms need tweaking and they continue to need our support for long after they return home.  So do their families.


So when you are out and about and see someone in uniform or with a military hat on, don’t just thank him/her. . .thank their family, too.  (The picture is of my dad, Willie Jens, in the army. . .with hair!)



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One Response to Veterans & Families

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Great thought for today and every day!!!! God protect them/us!!!

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