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Friday, November 10, 2017

Today I am grateful for consequences.  What an interesting twelve letter word.  Yet it seems that there are many, many people in this world who feel it does not apply to them because they are rich, or famous, or a powerful elected official.  Surprise!


Guess what abusers.  Wrong is wrong.  You knew it was wrong at the time, but you thought you could get away with it.  Prisons are full of people who have seen the light and are sorry for their deeds.  Or are they sorry they got caught?  Did you molest women or young girls, or young boys thinking you were immune to the consequences?  Probably.  How is that working out for you now?


Believe those who are coming forward, even if you think that there have been too many to believe.  Understand that admitting that you were assaulted in this way feels shameful to those experiencing it and many just want those feelings to go away and think they will succeed if they never talk about it.  But it doesn’t go away.  Ever!  Those feelings eat at you.  You want to tell someone, yet the more days, weeks or years that pass, you know your credibility is in jeopardy.  That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  It just means you are terrified to have your life upset, yet again, by this horrible assault.  Hasn’t it taken enough of your brain, your heart, your life?  But until you come forward it will not leave you alone. Ever! That’s why there are so many coming forth at one time.  One gives another courage, who gives another courage and empowers another and so on.


When my kids were very little and wanted to do something that I objected to, they argued, “But why can’t I?”  My pat answer was, “You can.  You can do anything you want.  Just remember there are consequences to everything you do.”  Jails are full of people who didn’t get that message.


So I don’t care what political party you are affiliated with; or if you are an elected official or how many people voted for you; I don’t care if you are a hilarious famous comedian or sports figure; I don’t care if you are a preacher or priest; I don’t care if you are a dog catcher or a bank president; I don’t care if you are a famous actor, singer or celebrity of any kind; I don’t care if you’re poor as me or rich as the damned Koch brothers.


If you have in any way, shape or form assaulted, abused, raped or done anything inappropriate to another human being, thinking you could get away with it because of WHO you are, then shame on you.  Shame on you!  Did you forget there are always consequences?  Well guess what?  There are!  Time is up!

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