Himself at our Anniversary brunch

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Today I am grateful for Himself.  Yes, this day, All Saints Day (no relation), is the 82nd birthday of Himself.  Eighty-two!  Geeze, I’m married to a real geezer for sure!  Good thing he is still good looking and has his wicked sense-of-humor or I’d have tossed him to the curb years ago.  I took this picture at our anniversary brunch.  Ten seconds later he flipped me the bird for taking pictures and I have that one, too, but didn’t think it would be appropriate.  Haha.


Last week he came home from a short trip to the Shop Rite, stood in front of me and did a monologue.  I had no idea where he was going with it, but since I couldn’t “pause” or “mute” him I listened.  Sort of.


“I’m at the Shop Rite,” he starts.  “And   you know that I worked my ass off to get a PhD, right?” I nod.  “And you know that I’ve run whole groups of many huge businesses and hundreds of people reporting to me and facilitated the building of factories all over the world, right?”  I didn’t yawn, I swear.  “And then I was a consultant for USAID and you, yourself heard someone call me the foremost expert in the ceramic industry, right?”  Well now I thought he was just bragging, but he was on a tear so I tried to stay focused.  “And I’m a magician and love Dungeons and Dragons and I love games and golf and have been published in a book and blah, blah, blah. . .”


“Okay, yes,” I said.  “You’re amazing.  So what’s your point?”  He threw his arms up in the air and continued.


“So I’m in the Shop Rite trying to figure out how there can be so many different kinds of mushrooms and what kind do you want and who would eat fungus anyway, when this woman I have never seen before in my life rushes over to me!”


“Okay.  Well, I guess you’ve still got “it”.”  I’m trying to be supportive.


“Nope,” he says.  “She starts yelling, really yelling.”

“I KNOW you!  You’re HIMSELF!!!!!  I can’t believe I’m standing here with HIMSELF!!!!”  And the entire produce department starts looking at me like I’m Keith Richards!


“Fantastic!” I said.  “I’m making you famous!”  And you’re welcome, you wonderful old birthday-boy geezer!

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2 Responses to Himself

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Soooo, who was the woman??? Never mind, just some broad from the “Y”, RIGHT!!!! Yes, he’s famous!!!!!

  2. Donna Lukshides says:

    Now THAT would be fun to try…

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