Blue Triangle Block

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Today I am grateful for a blue triangle block.  We spent yesterday at the home of one of our sons and our 18 month old granddaughter.  Wow!  Those little ones can wear you out.


It wasn’t that we had to chase after her.  My son has that part down pat.  We played.  Hard.  And long, with very few different toys because the baby-sponge who is related to me is all about mastering something.  Anything.  Until she isn’t.  Then it gets thrown across the room or casually slipped off of the couch onto the floor, depending on the depth of her furrowed brow, that accompanies each frustration. . .or curiosity.


The frustration came in the form of a blue, triangular shaped block that refused to allow itself to be shoved through the blue triangle hole.  After the 50th time of little miss handing ME the blue triangle (and sometimes the yellow square) while she easily pushed the red circle through the hole, I finally caught on to her ploy.  It was hard for her, so by way of “sharing”, she passed it off to me.


Except once I realized what was going on, I quit taking it so she would learn to do it by herself.  It was a big lesson for both of us.  If I had to scramble for it on the floor, or dig it out when she stuffed between the couch pillows, it was okay.  Each time I handed it back to her.  She’d struggle to get it twisted just right and sometimes I’d turn the base just a bit for the perfect fit.  When it went in there was applause.  Hers and mine.


I got to thinking today about how many “evil blue triangle blocks” there have been in my life.  You know the ones.  Those nasty things you try, yet never seem to master so you either metaphorically throw them down or physically get rid of them.  I don’t have to go into what mine are because by now you are forming your own list.  “I loved (whatever) but I wasn’t very good at it so I quit. Threw it down and never touched it again!”  “I always wanted to try (XYZ) but I’m afraid I’ll look stupid so why bother?”


Those nasty blue triangle blocks are all over the place.  I know I act like an 18 month old sometimes when my blocks don’t fit; when things upset me; when the news is laced with negativity and world issues are dragging me down.  I want to push the blue block of distress into someone else’s hands to finish, or throw it against a wall, or hide it in the couch cushions.  Who cares if I can’t make sense and/or get the pieces to fit?  I care.


From now on I’m going to furrow my brow, take a deep breath and plunge forward, blue triangle block in hand, secure in the knowledge that I can succeed, that the country and the world will survive.  I only hope that if I still get a little stuck someone will twist the base just a bit to help me out.  And then there will be applause!  Count on it!

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