Brush-Stroked Skies

West Point cruise - sailboat-BEST (2)

Friday, October 06, 2017

Today I am grateful for brush-stroked skies.  Sometimes when I take quick pictures with my phone, I’m pleasantly surprised when I look at them on my computer.


Don’t get me wrong, I will probably do an entire blog of various shoes, fingers, scarves, floors, my steering wheel and my purse.  They are very prevalent.  But that’s the beauty of digital pictures.  Poof!  They go away at no cost to anyone!


Back in the day, when I used a 35mm camera I had to use up the entire roll of film before I could take it to the drug store to be developed.  Sometimes it would only take an hour, but a lot of times it took days.  And it wasn’t cheap.  There was something anticipatory about waiting for your pictures to come back.  Did I get a good shot of the wedding party?  Do my boys look cute in their costumes or did I cut their heads off?

When Himself took that picture of me did he follow the rules and keep that camera up high enough to cut off my hips?  There were thrills and disappointments.  Mostly the later.  Not to mention a lot of wasted money.


No longer.  Now I click, click, click and when my hips wind up in the shot and are annoying, I crop.  The law of averages is when you take 20 pictures of someone, they will have heads.  The same with wedding parties.  So what if there is an extra shoe or floor or purse sometimes.  Many say we are becoming a society of instant gratification and there is a lot of truth in that.  But where pictures are concerned I’m glad.


Sometimes the sky feels spectacular to me in person, but the emotion doesn’t transfer to the picture.  But other times I’m sure it’s a brilliant shot, although I don’t always realize how brilliant until I see it in the photograph.  Like today, when I’m so grateful for the delicately brush-stroked sky.

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One Response to Brush-Stroked Skies

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Cool picture.

    Sent from my iPad. Now go and make it a good day”


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