Old Costumes

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Today I am grateful for old costumes.  I was taking pictures out of frames so I could give the frames to a friend for his paintings and I found some gems.  The picture I’m using today is particularly special.


When we left Sheboygan, Wisconsin to move out east, the “girls” I worked with wanted to give me a going away party.  Trust me, that bunch of women did not need a big reason to have a party, as witnessed by the “pregnant horse” party we held for a friend whose mare was about to foal.  That one was at the Horse ‘n Plow restaurant and we brought in bales of hay and bags of oats.  I crocheted a bonnet for the new baby and another friend made booties.  Swear to God!  It was a riot!


So when they asked what kind of party I wanted I already knew the sky was the limit.  “I love dressing in costumes so let’s make it a bar-hop-dinner-someplace-costume party.”  And the games began.  I went to the thrift store and bought tie back curtains.  I can make anything out of tie back curtains!  And I love making hats!  What you don’t see is the curtain rod I tied across my shoulders ala Carol Burnett doing Scarlet O’Hara.  It was a hit, but I couldn’t get through a door, not even sideways because it was too long!


I can pick out a few other people in this pic but because I had it behind an oval matte, I didn’t realize that dear, dear Mary Ziegenhorn was in the shot.  Spending an hour or so every Saturday at her bar, Ziggy’s, after all the wedding hair was cranked and walking down the aisle, was standard operating procedures for anyone who wanted to come.  She was our customer, we were her customers and we were all good friends.  Her son, Patrick is the person who last visited us in Pennsylvania.  She would love that we are still friends after so many years.


I guess we had fun but I don’t remember where we all went.  But I’m fairly certain that Himself had to pick me up at the end of the night.  What a blast. . .and a gift to discover this picture just in time for Throwback Thursday.  If you need an idea for a cheap, homemade costume this year, ask me!

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