Limited Pallet

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Today I am grateful for a limited pallet.  I have a lot of artist friends which is wonderful and also frustrating because I sure ain’t them!  While I confess to having a moderate amount of talent I rarely challenge myself and stick to what I know how to do.


When I was learning about art as a kid they made you draw before you could paint.  Drawing was basic to everything.  I’m a lousy drawer, but I can paint.  It was the same thing with sculpting.  You had to be able to draw what you wanted to create in full form.  Nope.  Couldn’t draw then, either.  And while I haven’t use a hammer and chisel over a block of wood (I’ve never tried), I can mold clay pretty well.  So I paint and I sculpt, but don’t draw.  Confused? Hah! You should be me.


That’s where adult coloring books come into the picture.  I love them.  I have felt so much stress these days and I realize that a lot of other people do, too.  Someone at my weight watchers meeting suggested coloring to a woman who felt the stress, too.  Yes, it was me.  I made the suggestion.  But I hadn’t been doing it myself.  Don’t you get caught not following your own good advice?  So I started coloring again, keeping my bag of tricks close by in case I get the urge.


I think Himself got the “Game of Thrones” coloring book for Christmas from one of the grandkids.  I had no clue about the series when he got it, but since then have caught up because, just like smart phones, facetime, texting, a grandma’s gotta do what a grandma’s gotta do.  Too many of the kids and grandkids are GOT fans.  I had to hop on board or be left out.  They give me a lot of guidance because half the time I’m as lost as the undead.


I love using a lot of color, but GOT is dull and dreary in a cold, medieval, heads-on-sticks way.  Except for the Red Queen.   For the first time ever, I challenged myself and chose only red, yellow, orange, tones with a little purple.  Plus I used only pencils.  No sharpies, glitter pens or highlighters.  I really had to ponder, consider and. . .horror-of-horrors. . .”think” about what I was doing.  I hate when that happens.  I don’t know if I’ll do that again.  It’s exhausting using a limited pallet, yet my troubles are nothing compared to those of the Red Queen!

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