a electricity comic

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Today I am grateful for electricity, especially because we didn’t have any since midnight and still had none when I got up at 7:15.   The AC went off and I got hot at around 2 so I got up to use the bathroom and walked into a wall.  No little night lights guiding my way.  Yikes.


In the morning I tried to get on line to check it out because I have a laptop, but never got the system backup battery that’s been beeping in the basement for six months, because I thought I didn’t need it.  Ha-ha.


Tried to use the phone to call and see what’s up and. . .well, you know that backup battery?  Yup.  Phone out, too.


Used my dying cell to go on Facebook to ask if anyone knew what the deal was and only one clever friend responded with great wit and humor but no facts.  Sounds like the government except for the wit and humor part.


I asked SIRI for the number of PECO and they gave me a song and dance.  Really.  Soft shoe. . .or maybe tap, but no number.  Finally I got a little smarter and used my GPS on the phone and they gave me the Philadelphia location of PECO and number, so I called before the cell died, too.


Yes, you have a power outage.  Gee thanks.  I didn’t know that already.  Forty-one homes are affected.  That pretty much means my development I think.  And it is expected to be fixed by 1:30.  Good.


I lit the gas stove with a starter match thingy and boiled water for my tea, then slapped some peanut butter and honey on a sandwich thin.  Breakfast!  By the time I left to go to the Y there was a crew at the entrance to our development working on it.  I thanked them profusely.


Then I got to thinking.  We are not in the middle of a heat wave.  I am not wet.  I’m not in Texas living in a shelter.  My house hasn’t been flooded.  I’m not ripping off wallboard and throwing everything I own out on the front lawn.  Nor am I in the Caribbean or Florida, bracing for the next disaster.  This is a little inconvenience.  That’s all.


Nothing like a power outage to remind you how grateful you are for electricity. . .and how sad you are for the people who don’t have any.  It came back minutes after I left.  There’s will be out months.

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One Response to Electricity

  1. Jacki says:

    Well said

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