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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Today I am grateful for two perspectives.  When I was in Sheboygan the last time, a fairly new friend, Marianne Helm, gave me a copy of “Welcome to My World” (Two Perspectives on One Life Lived), the book she wrote.  I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t read it until yesterday, while sitting outside on a beautiful day.  The timing was perfect for me, because I was sliding into a vortex and a little confused about how to pull myself out.


In one section of the book she requests that you write two stories, (Yesterday’s Adventure and Yesterday’s Misery) one with a positive, hopeful, cheerful perspective and the other hopeless, negative and cranky.  Cranky is my word, not hers, because I find negative people cranky.  Although sometimes when I write from my cranky voice I think I’m quite funny.  Just ask me.


Here’s my take on her writing exercise.  Don’t read one unless you have time to read the other or you’ll miss the point.


Perspective One

I am thrilled to log into Facebook each day!  Someone is always posting pictures of themselves in new hairstyles, or with their grandchildren, or sharing how much weight they lost, or pictures of them on fantastic trips to exotic lands.  What fun!


Just the trips alone are enough to brighten my day.  This year I’ve traveled to Germany, Italy, Morocco and Tangier.  Plus I am currently wending my way through Greece, all through the travels of my Facebook friends.  My feet never get sore and it is so much fun that sometimes I do a little research on a country where someone is visiting just to keep up.  The pictures remind me how lucky I am to be alive in this beautiful world.


I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, but not in the way that others are “lifetime”.  My lifetime means I’ll be going there forever.  Ha-ha!  It’s always encouraging to hear about someone else’s success with weight loss and learn how they managed to conquer the demon scale.  If they share tips and recipes, it’s even better.


I don’t get to see all of my grandchildren very often so it’s always a pleasure to see the little ones of others, especially now, when they are all scrubbed up and ready for their first day of school.  Just adorable.  Children are our future.  Everyone’s children.


Someone posted a picture of a couple of women near my age, with multi-colored, pink and purple hair!  I loved it!  They looked like Easter eggs.  Festive and fun.  I think I might do some pink tips on my own gray spikes.  Wouldn’t that be cute?  I’ll keep you posted.


So, thank you Facebook friends for brightening my days.  You are appreciated.



Perspective Two

I’m sick of Facebook.  Maybe it’s time to quit it altogether.  If I see one more picture of someone old woman like me, with pink or purple hair, I’ll barf.  I mean act your age.  Do you think you’re a teenager again? Grow up, the whole lot of you.


So many people post pictures of their kids or grandkids that it drives me nuts.  Who cares?  My grandkids barely know I’m alive so why should I have to hear about which kid is going to school where?  I don’t, that’s for sure.  Try getting a life of your own for a change!


They should make an icon of a “bitch-slap” so I can send it to the next person who brags about how they lost weight eating eye-of-newt five times a day, or by going lactose or gluten free when they don’t even have issues indicating they should.  Boring!  I’ve lost a bunch of weight!  It found me again so many times that my sagging boobs have whiplash.  Just wait, it’ll all backfire on them, too.  And keep your stupid recipes to yourself, too.  Half the stuff you post tastes like crap anyway.  Idiots.


By now you can tell that most of Facebook is irritating to me these days, but the thing that pisses me off the most is all of the pictures of vacations.  I can barely afford to go to the grocery store, yet my “friends” are flying off to some exotic land.  I think they do it just to brag about how rich and wonderful they are.  Show offs.   Why don’t they come right out and tell me I’m loser I am because I can’t do it, too?  “Eating dinner and sharing a bottle of red, on a plaza overlooking the sea in Greece.”   Blah, blah, blah! Kiss mine.  As if I’d want to go to Greece!  If I want to see ruins all I have to do is look in the mirror. Hah!  All I care about is the floor under my feet and the roof over my head and don’t give a crap about your travels. Stop posting that shit.


Yeah, I’m quitting Facebook.  That’s it.  I’ve decided.  I’m not even going to make an announcement about it.  Let’s see if anyone notices I’m gone.  As if.



So that’s the writing exercise.  Are you going to try it, too?  How did I do?  Did the first story make you feel light and positive?  I almost got a cavity, but I feel that way a lot because I really do try daily, even hourly, to hold onto the positive.  It just feels good.


Did the second make you want to stick a fork in your eye?  It sure did me.  I can’t be around sour people with negative energy because they suck the life out of me, especially when it’s me who is the downer.   It’s hard to get away from yourself.  Yuk.


Both perspectives reminded me that when he was a teenager, one of our daughters told her son, “Every day you have a choice.  Is it going to be a good day, or a bad day?  Just remember it IS a choice.”  I love that.


What choice will you make?


(To purchase “Welcome to My World” (Two Perspectives on One Life Lived), by Marianne R. Helm,

go to )

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