a no shame leonard pic

Photo by someone in the Page family.  I stole the pic.  Full disclosure.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Today I am grateful for relaxation.  I heard a rumor that my rental humans finally got rid of that cat.  Good for them.  Who needs a cat in the house when you could have a dog?  Now they can relax without all of that annoying purring.


Obviously this is Leonard, the wonder dog, once again.  I figure you missed me so I’m taking over today, even though I’m back home on the couch of my own family.  I don’t have much to say because life is pretty normal around here.  I run around in my huge hard and woods and pee and poop wherever I want, whenever I want.  It’s the best.


We still have the pigs and no one has eaten their way into the bottom of a barrel lately, needing to be yanked out by my dad, so that’s good.


I stay out of the way of the goats.  Bad attitudes all around.


My chickens are very glad I’m back because they spent such a long time being bored, without me to exercise them and keep them on their claws.


As for me. . .I chill out whenever I can.  Sometimes my kids make fun of me.  They put this sign on me that says, “I need help! I got issues!”  Hah!  You wish you could relax like me!!!  I don’t care that they tease me, but I think maybe they should have put those little black rectangles over my privates!  It’s a little embarrassing.  For you.  Not me.  You decide if you should show this to children.


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