Camp Cat Ruby – Going Home


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Today I am grateful for going home.  Yes, I let the human write a few blogs because she was bugging me so much, but now the grand-cat is having the last say.


I’ve heard rumblings about my family coming today and staying overnight.  If they think they are leaving here without me they are crazy!  I’m packing my toy mice, brush and litter dish so I’m ready.


I think I heard my baby on a phone yesterday, giggling like crazy.  I miss her.  My mom said that she grew up a lot and is very brave and daring now after spending two weeks at the beach with my mom’s family.  Swell.  But does she know how to use a brush?  Or open my food cans?  Who cares about that other stuff?


To tell you the truth I think I’ve been here a little too long.  They used to think I was cute, but now I get hollered at just because I’m scratching up the carpeting on the steps or on that great-to-scratch rug at the back door.  In my room.  The sunroom.


They still don’t let me sleep in the bedroom so I’m forced to press my nose to the door every morning, so I can trip grand-female the second she opens the door.  It is my job to lead the way to my food dish and I’ve had to do it every single day or I’m sure she would forget to feed me.  This morning I was so grateful that I stood up on my back legs like that stupid dog and she petted my tummy.  Not bad.  If I hadn’t been so hungry I could have used a little more of that.


I can’t wait until my family gets here and I can sleep on their bed and teach that kid how to brush me.  Camp Cat Ruby signing out!  I’m going home!

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