My Family is Back!

a Lenny with family (2)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Today I am grateful my family is back!  Oh boy did I miss them.  In the same twenty minute space the cat came(it hated me and took off to hide), the baby came (it hated me to, but only cried) and then my family came!  All of them!


I crashed into them like I was a truck in demo-derby and they didn’t mind one bit.  I’m not sure if I was singing or crying or growling or all of the above.  I missed them so much.


My mom called the old lady later and told her how I tore through the entire yard like a maniac and when my dad went outside I howled until he came back in.  I do NOT want them to go away again anytime soon!  Boy I missed my yard.  And my family!  And the chickens missed me as much as I missed them.


So no more from me.  I don’t have time to share my stories because I have a farm to oversee.  Woof-hug!

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