Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today I am grateful for rumors.  People talk around a dog like they’re stupid or something.  They think we don’t have a clue what they are saying.  Big mistake!  Huge!


I’ve been hearing whisperings and aside conversations that someone else is coming to this house tomorrow.  A cat!  Oh boy!  I can’t wait.  I haven’t chased a cat in weeks, maybe months.  And this one is a house cat and doesn’t play outside so she’s probably stupider than most cats.  I am going to have so much fun with this.  I hope she’s here long enough for me to partake of some yummy litter dish nuggets.


I also heard that I might be going back to my real house, my yard, my goats, my pigs, my kids and my beloved chickens!  I don’t know what time that is supposed to happen and I confess that although these two old folks have been pretty boring, they do love me and I kinda love them, too.  At least they don’t mind so much if I get in their faces.  Except the old guy keeps yelling at me to watch my nose when I’m running towards him.  He can’t cross his legs or turn fast enough and is always worried I’m going to land one in his privates.  I got him good a bunch of times.  Score for me!


I also heard there might be a baby here.  I’m sure I’ll be called into duty to protect her from absolutely everything, including that new cat, even though it lives with her.  They shoulda got a dog.  Dogs are smarter.  Just ask me.


Tomorrow should be a blast.  But if that cat thinks she’s getting one of their laps, she better pack her litter dish and her shee-shee tiny-canned food and go home.  I got dibs!  Besides, they owe me for not having any chickens here!

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One Response to Rumors

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Loved the “dog sagas” – really great dialogue!!! Had a dog in Philly – brother (dog) lived next door – it was a row home with glass porch – one day they decided to visit each other AT THE SAME TIME!!
    Glass went flying as did the dogs – NEVER FORGOT IT… in the city!

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