Not Abandoned – Suitcases!

Lenny with suitcases

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Today I am grateful I wasn’t abandoned. . .again!  Still Leonard Page here.  Today there were evil suitcases.  Oh boy was I twitchy.  I do not like those things at all!  The people who were staying with the old ones have moved out.  Was it something I did?  I’m gonna miss the extra scratching.


So because they are gone, that old lady takes me outside with her while she fusses around on her dying flowers, chopping their heads off and pinching their long legs.  I stayed with her really well, so my mom and dad would be proud of me.


It was HOT out there.  So I pant.  So what does she do?  She runs water over my head like I needed baptizing or something.  I have to admit it did feel good.  I thought we were going in the air conditioned house but all she did was get a book and water for us and then we sat out there forever.  Good thing I could plant my belly on the wet patio floor or I’d have succumbed to heat exhaustion for sure.


I was napping until a loud truck went past and woke me.  When I picked my head up there was a big yellow dog there, too.  I jumped to my feet and so did he.  I raised my butt and lowered my front ready to pounce.  My back got a ridge of bristles and I barked at him.  He barked right back at me.  For a long time.  The old woman is laughing because she’s too stupid to see the danger, but I’m gonna protect her, so I’m barking like a vicious beast.  She starts hollering at me.  “It’s your reflection in the patio door, Lenny!” she says.  “You’re barking at yourself!”  I’m supposed to know what she’s talking about?  That other dog was as concerned as me!


So she leans forward from her chair and I see her next to that other dog, too.  Yikes!  How did she get there?  She’s waving that book, but her voice isn’t talking from the window, it’s coming from the chair where she’s sitting.  I flip my head back to look at her, then back at the window a half a dozen times before I realize that there is no other dog.  Or woman.  Just me and her.


I felt a little foolish about the whole thing.  She put me inside where the AC is on, so I wouldn’t freak out again, so that’s good.  I think I was still a little unnerved by the suitcases from the morning.  I hope there are no more suitcases.  I hate suitcases.  Unless they are filled with chickens.


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