Lenny - ecstacy face

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Today I am grateful for brushes.  I don’t know why the rental dog, me, has to keep you all informed but for once today I am glad to fill you in.


Yesterday those people were gone all day again.  Geeze.  I held down the fort but I’m getting pretty sick of doing it all by myself.  That old woman must have felt guilty because she sent the old guy to find this contraption from a cabinet.  A brush.


I thought she might want to clobber me with it, so when she called me over to her I wasn’t at all sure I should go.  But I did.  Oh boy!  She started rubbing that bristly thing over my back and head and neck and it was awesome!  Just awesome!  I figured anything that feels that good sure wouldn’t last long.  But it did.  For a long, long time!  She ran that thing across me first with the sharp side and then the soft side until I melted like butter at her feet.  Wow.  Ecstasy!


Okay, I know I had a difficult time adjusting to this doggie camp idea, but if she keeps using that brush thingy on me, I think I might just live through this experience.  Even without the chickens.


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