Getting a Clue

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Today I am grateful they are getting a clue.  Lenny, here.  Well, family, it’s been interesting and more than a little stressful, but I’m happy to tell you that things are improving.  Slightly.


Yesterday they only went away for a little while and in the afternoon that old woman even invited me up on the bed.  I was so happy I licked her like she was Hagen Das, but had to stop because she threatened to toss me to the floor again.  She lets me snuggle up to this very cute white teddy bear, then scolds me when I try to chew its face off.  What’s a stuffed face for if not to chew off?  Geeze.  Get a clue, bitch.


Now I hear them talking about going to some big garden place today.  I love gardens, but I don’t think they are taking me, so I quickly ran my check list.  Pee – check!  Poop – check!  Breakfast – check!  Petted – check!  Ear scratch – check!


I think I’m good for now, but I sure wish they’d leave that door open to the room with the big bed when their gone.  That thing was comfy!

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