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Friday, July 14, 2017

Today I am grateful for more from Leonard.


To my family,

What is up with these people?  No pigs, no goats, no kids and no chickens!  And they never, ever stay home to pet me all day.  I don’t know how much more I can take.


Last night when they got home they hollered at me because I was flopping around like a bass on a fishing line.  What did they expect?  Alone for hours?  They’d flop too, although I’ve never seen them flop anywhere but into the couch.  Then they shoved me out the door, but it was pouring out and I got wet.  That was okay, I guess, but I wanted to play in the mud.  “No!” she yelled.  I had to come inside.  At least my drumstick dinner was waiting.  Late.  Very late.  It was almost dark!  A dog could starve here.


This morning I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore so when that lady staying with them wanted to come downstairs I barked at her.  A lot.  She had a long red thing on and I don’t care for red.  But I figured she liked it because she just stood there listening, then made the guy staying here come over to pet me so I would shut up.  The lady came down the steps.  She was afraid of me.  As if!!!  Don’t they recognize singing when they hear it?


The old woman spends almost all of her time home with her fingers playing on a black box, when they could be petting the dog.  Me!  I showed her!!!  No way will I be ignored.  I think she’s getting the message.  I’ll keep you posted.  Still no chickens.  I miss them.  And you.

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