Leonard’s Voice

a lenny looking at me

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Today I am grateful for Leonard’s voice.


I have been abandoned! First my mom started packing up my raw food into these little baggies and I wondered why so many?  Then my kids started hopping around all excited.  Uh oh!  Next the suitcases came out.  No!  Not the evil suitcases!!!  There isn’t an animal living in a house who doesn’t know what that means. Yup!  Abandonment!


That family you thought loved you is actually planning on leaving you for who knows how long?  I don’t give two shits where they are going or how much fun they might have.  That is not my problem.  They are leaving me and that’s unforgiveable.  I figured I might live through it this time because I still had the goats and chickens and those foul smelling pigs around because my dad was still here.


But no!  HIS suitcase comes out a couple of days later, he bags up all of my chicken legs and those pouchie food thingies mom froze and next thing you know I’m in the car being sent to jail!   In the city!  Dad is dumping me off with two old people!  There isn’t one chicken anywhere!  Really?  How do people live without chickens?  And where are their goats and pigs?  This must be what they mean by a ghetto.


And their yard is a postage stamp.  I’m not sure I can even find a spot to crap in that small piece-o-sod.  I pissed on one of their bushes first thing. So there!  But a guy needs some space to turn around to have a proper constitutional.


When dad came inside with me I thought maybe we were just visiting.  I met these two old folks before and they do like to scratch my ears and back so maybe this would be okay.  Then dad left!  Really?  Who does that?  No mom.  No kids.  No goats.  No chickens.  No pigs.  No yard.  And now no dad?  I’m so mad at them!


“Want a cookie?” the old guy asks me before dad is even in the car.  Hm. . .this might work out okay.  But then he ties me up like a prisoner just so I can crap in the two inch yard.  I’m so confused.


Then that old woman. . .well she let me climb up on her lap and she rubbed my ears and kissed my face and told me what a good boy I was and she loved all over me.  Okay, maybe, just maybe this won’t be so bad after all.  I still wish there were chickens.

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One Response to Leonard’s Voice

  1. Sue says:

    You nailed this story. We go thru it every time we travel. The cat use to sit in the suitcase. The dog would hide or hang his head all day. Your dog house guest is lucky to have a house to go to. Ours always went to a kennel. Not so much fun

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