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Sunday, 7-9-17

Today I am grateful for dogs.  Everyone on Facebook must be sick to death of political nonsense so there are a lot of dog posts.  Dogs in costumes, dogs chasing cats, dogs scared of fireworks, dogs on beds, dogs peeing in toilets.  It’s never ending.


My favorite was the one I shared this morning of a corgi leaping in the water, just about levitating in the process.  Priceless.  And no one needed to use code to describe it like with the current administration when people aren’t saying the actual name or title.  No 45, or “he who shouldn’t be named” here.  Just “dog”.  Works for me.


We’re going to have a return rental dog tomorrow and we are very excited about it.  Leonard is just the best dog ever.  He’s like Marley of movie fame, only on Zanax.  Mellow-yellow, that’s Lenny.  He’s big, but thinks he’s tiny.  If you’re sitting on a kitchen chair he’ll lay his head in your lap, then a paw, then another paw, then a back leg, then both and before you know it he is sitting on your lap, with his head draped over your shoulder and he hasn’t scratched or hurt you once.  The ultimate hug.  Amazing.


But Leonard is not here, yet, so today I’m honoring a Marine Mascot Bulldog.  Sergeant Bulldog to you!  He reminds Himself of a story our first friends in Jakarta told about Hugga Bugga.  No, I’m not telling you.  Ask him when you see him.  And if you bump into this guy, don’t forget to salute.  He outranks you, I’m sure.


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