Graduation Party

Anja behind Darby

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Today I am grateful for graduation parties and we are going to one tomorrow for our granddaughters best friend, granddaughter of choice.  Those two will be friends forever.


I don’t know where they first met, but even though our granddaughter moved an hour away while entering high school, the two have remained buddies, staying here two weeks before Christmas every year so they can attend the Wassail at our friend’s house, then the big brunch here the next day.  We have pictures going back to before digital.  I think.


Our granddaughter stretched tall, but her friend is about the size she was when we met her.  Mutt & Jeff.  Pete & Repeat.  Laverne & Shirley, without the L.  It has been a blast watching them change. . .and stay the same through the years.


I believe that strong, independent and smart young women are the future of America.  I’d vote for either one of these two.


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