Perfect Summer Nights

Monday, June 26, 2017

Today I am grateful for perfect summer nights.  We have been having the most spectacular summer days, with temperatures in the low eighties and in the high fifties at night.


Last night, because it was so gorgeous out, and there would be fireworks after, and there was ice cream, we decided at the last minute to go to the Summer Sundaes in the Park in Souderton.  It didn’t take a lot of convincing.


We plopped our chairs down in the crowd and went to wait in the loooong line for ice cream.  Mine was a bit of a disappointment because I thought it would be raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips.  It was chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirl and chips.  Not what I expected.  Ask me how much of it I threw away.  Bingo!


We sat next to the nicest man, who was probably close to my age, but younger, and his family of kids, grandkids and dog.  What a nice conversation we had about growing up in the Midwest.  He was from a farm in Ohio, met his wife there in college and moved to Harleysville.  We talked about music (one of the singers was horribly flat) and its importance in schools; food, mostly in how he cooks the fish he catches and farm grown veggies; fishing, where, when, how; and well. . .nonsense.


I love meeting new people, mostly because it gives Himself a chance to share some of his great stories that I am tired of hearing after all of these years.  Everyone likes a fresh audience.  Including me.


Following the concert is the best hometown fireworks display I have ever been to.  Simply spectacular.  We were close enough to feel the heat of some of them.  What a perfect night to kick-off summer.

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