Big Red Monster

a big red monster

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Today I am grateful for big red monsters.  First, let me wish a happy birthday to my youngest son, Patrick Braun aka/Packy.  Second, let me explain why I haven’t posted a gratitude for two days.  I’ve been writing.  Like a lunatic.  Several hours a day.  Working on the much requested memoir from our three years in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Working title: “Hot Flash – Jakarta!”  I’ve got 67 pages in the first draft already, so it’s not like I’ve been idle.  If I go missing again, that’s why.


Back to the big red monsters.  Himself and I rented the movie, “Jackie” last night.  He wanted to watch some “Kong” thing but it wasn’t available to rent, only purchase, thank God.  We don’t purchase.  After the movie, which was. . .eh, okay, not great, we started watching a classic that I was recording, “Rear Window”.  You can’t beat Hitchcock.


Even though we’ve seen this movie dozens of times it still beats most made today for suspense, acting, directing and characters.  They remade this with Christopher Reeve, but it wasn’t the same.  “Dear Hollywood, STOP remaking classic movies.  They are classic for a reason and the remakes usually suck so save your money for new films.”

Did anyone else waste two hours of their life watching the horrible “Dirty Dancing” remake.  Awful.  Beyond awful.  I can’t get those two hours back!


So because we were nodding off and the movie was recorded anyway I suggested we go to bed and watch it another time.  Himself did the house check like he always does, checking the doors, faucets, basement, whatever, for whatever.  Marauders?  I don’t know, but he does it like he has OCD every single night.  FYI-When he’s not here I might make sure the doors are locked but that’s it.


I watch TV in bed for a while, setting the timer for it to turn off in an hour.  He, as usual, falls asleep before his head hits the pillow.  At the stroke of midnight he screams.  I’m telling you it was a SCREAM!  And he’s not stopping.  Woke me from a sound sleep so I figure he’s having a weird dream so I shake him. . .none too gently.  Oh relax, I didn’t do cardio pulmonary.  This time.  I save that for snoring.


He finally jumps up and I ask what’s going on.

“There was a big red monster shaking me!” he said.

“Are you okay?” I asked, like the good wife I am.

“Yeah, but I had a dream where a big red monster was shaking me.”

“You screamed and scared the shit out of me,” I said.

“Sorry. . .but a big red monster was shaking me.”

“That was me trying to wake you up!  Go back to sleep!  No more popcorn for you!”


Don’t you just wish you could live in our nut house.  You may from now on call me Big Red. . .just like my high school mascot!  Leave off the “monster” or I’ll haunt your dreams, too.

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