Writer’s Retreat

toilet paper roll

Monday, June 19, 2017

Today I am grateful for the writer’s retreat.  I usually don’t name people in my blogs, but today a big shout-out goes to Kathryn Craft, the hostess with the mostest!  She opened her family summer home up to us like we were, well, family.  And boy can she cook!  Healthy and tasty food helped me to not go crazy.  (We are not counting the meal of chips, where each of us went a little nuts!)


I had no idea what to expect from this retreat and no real expectations, except to have fun writing and swimming, two of my greatest passions.  With 50 pages of my new memoir on living in Indonesia done and a swim in the cold water each day, both were met and more.  My favorite part of was hearing others work and reading my own.


I had never met any of the other four women who attended, except Kathryn, but I usually don’t have too much trouble getting to know new people so I was only marginally concerned.  They were all fantastic, offering sound critique in kind and humorous ways.  It is always fun to “make new friends. . .and keep the old,” like the old girl scout song says because “one is silver and the other gold.”  What fun!


I confess I was more concerned about the one who was making the six hour trip with me in my car.  What if she doesn’t talk?  What if she sleeps?  What if she’s boring, or negative, or rude?  What if she isn’t a laugher?  What if she supports the local administration in Washington?  That last one is a biggie.  Huge.  I figured in that event we would just have to agree to disagree and talk about other things.  There are a lot of other things besides the ever present elephant under the rug in the Washington.


When she called in the morning, frantic because of some early morning glitches, to say she’d be late, I knew we’d be okay on the humor part.  When she got to my house and we packed the car, she started a monologue that would last 20 minutes before she took a breath.  No worries on that count.


As we were nearing the tunnel, she got a little more quiet and said, “I don’t know what your political affiliation is, but. . .”  I told her and the air sucked out of the van like an atomic explosion that was aborted at the last minute.  We were on the same page.  And laughed about how I might have pushed her out of the car. . .or she might have jumped. . . if we weren’t.  It was a blast.  Six hours flew by like one.


So why am I posting a picture of a toilet paper roll?  Because with six women sharing two bathrooms for two days and three nights, I never once had to replace the toilet paper!  Not once.  No one left it empty.  No one got out a new roll, then let it stand on the counter  because there was still a one-inch piece on the hanger.  They replaced it!  That’s what women do!  And that’s a biggie!  Huge!

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4 Responses to Writer’s Retreat

  1. After her first retreat, Tori marveled that she parked her car on a Thursday and didn’t have to move it until Sunday. Our challenges and bugaboos inform our appreciation for life’s little gifts, lol. Great to have you Mary, and thanks for the generous sharing of your talents, including the crocheted dishcloths!

  2. Marie A. Bishop says:

    HA HA – you met your element!!! You really must have had a ball… Good for you!
    Crocheted dishcloths!!!!! You must have made them by the thousands!!!
    Himself delivered your message…..see you soon… mab

  3. Donna Lukshides says:

    All that great stuff AND discovering another female strength ! When will we see you at Classic again ?

  4. marymooney says:

    I should be human by Wednesday.

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