a napkin drawing

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today I am grateful for entrepreneurs.  I love it when folks take matters into their own hands, even in the smallest, most seemingly insignificant way.


When we were kids we had a lemonade stand at least once a week.  We sold almost nothing, unless it was particularly hot and the mailman was generous, because we didn’t live on a main street.  Sometimes, after we’d sat at the card table on the curb for hours, old Matt across the street would come down his hill and throw us a dime for a Dixie Cup of tepid, watered down almost lemonade. But not every time.


The other day I was going to the post office to mail a package and noticed a couple of huge signs.  FRESH HOMEGROWN STRAWBERRIES!  Sure enough, in the blazing sun, sat two young boys with green cardboard quarts on a table begging to be sold.  Of course, after my errand I had to stop.  I wanted to get strawberries anyway doing a drive-by and for homegrown seemed the best of all worlds.  I asked if they were selling a lot? They were doing quite well, but they were on a busy street so I would have expected nothing less.  Most of the berries got home in the box, but plenty rode in my tummy.  Yum.


While I was away last weekend, I asked Himself what he had done while I was gone.  He yammered on about how he hadn’t done much, had barely spoken to anyone, but watched the TV shows I hate (war, sci-fi).  They he remembered.  “I went to that big neighborhood garage sale and didn’t find a thing.  But I did have one of those Heartprint moments.”  Wow.


Two little girls, probably much cuter and smarter than my sister and me, were selling lemonade during the neighborhood sale.  See.  Already smarter.  Timing is everything.  They asked if he would like some.  He said he didn’t, but gave them a dollar anyway.  One of the little girls said, “But you can’t just give us money without getting anything for it.”


She took a marker and drew him a picture on a paper napkin.  This child already has a better marketing sense than most managers I’ve dealt with.  No free rides.  Pay money, get product in return.  Make the customer happy.  Make a blasted on-the-spot-decision!  Himself is more than happy and I, of course, bawled when he told the story.


Watch for young entrepreneurs on your daily treks, too. They are everywhere!  Then stick a crowbar in your pocket and purchase their goods, whether you really need them or not.  It’s the best teachable moment of the summer!  BING!  Heartprint!

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One Response to Entrepreneurs

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    After today’s event – a little love and caring would do us (the world) a WORLD of good!!! mab

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