Being Busy

a frantic woman

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Today I am grateful for being busy.  Oh wow!  It all comes at once.  We watched the baby on Monday and Tuesday, Water aerobics and a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, and gathering stuff to pack for the weekend.

Then last night they decided to pave the road right outside our bedroom window.  All night.  Still going strong at 3 a.m.!  Am I in New York?  What’s next, Jack-hammers?  And  I got asked to TEACH the water aerobics class (faked it with friends) today and still do the two kid classes after.  Twenty kids in the first class and a kid who screamed bloody murder for the entire half hour in the other class.  I have a headache.  Small wonder. Whew. I’m beat.  It’s going to feel good getting on a train and resting a little.


My son and his wife have invited me to stay with them so I can save on hotel costs this time and he’s even making dinner tonight.  I’m so glad my boys are kitchen qualified!  Teach your boys to cook ladies. . .their wives will thank you some day!


I know so many people at the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference that I was looking forward to dialing down the wardrobe and makeup sometimes.  Then this year they’ve warned us that some sessions will be videotaped.  You can opt to be seated so you will not appear on camera.  Yeah right.  Me?  So it’s a trick putting together camera-ready clothes and I’ll be in full makeup every day.  Vanity, thy name is Mary Mooney!  Bring on the camera!


Be aware that there may be very sporadic posts for the next three days, or none at all.  It just depends on how things are going, how good internet connections are and how exhausted I am from learning stuff.  My brain is resistant no matter how busy I am.

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One Response to Being Busy

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    do yourself up to perfection….. why not!!! have a good time and learn as much as you can….(as if we need say that, right????)

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