Catching up on Reading – Adventures in Grocery Shopping, by Dan May Review

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Today I am grateful for catching up on my reading.  I seem to be writing a lot these days and don’t always have a lot of time to read the great books I’ve purchased through the years.


If you have not ordered “Adventures in Grocery Shopping”, by my friend, Dan May, then you need to get it immediately.  Talk about a great Father’s Day gift!


As a writer myself, I always find it interesting which of my stories touch someone and why.  It’s an honor that you cannot think about when writing or you would censor yourself or twist the story out of recognition from your intent.  No worries for Dan.  Each and every story hits its mark and touches you in a different way.  Bullseye!


Did I have my favorites from this collection of anecdotes?  You bet.  “Imperfection” spoke to me at my core.  The section on the grocery store had me rolling on the floor and bawling simultaneously.  “My New Thing”, which in Dan’s case happens to be Fruity Pebbles, is brilliant.


When Dan May tells a story you don’t just read the words because he does more than write them.  He takes you there as if he picked up himself.  You smell the place he’s talking about; you feel the air of each location; you see the lighting; you hear the music; you feel the touch of your mom’s hand; and you taste those Fruity Pebbles, like them or not.


Buy this book.  Don’t wait.  If you don’t think your dad, husband, brother, or uncle will read it, then put it in the bathroom!  I guarantee you will know when they’ve picked it up because you’ll hear way better sounds coming from that room.   I promise.


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