Wasting Time

a stunning sky

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Today I am grateful for wasting time.  Yes, actually wasting time.  But is time ever wasted?  Maybe not.  Maybe when we think we are wasting time we are really doing exactly what we should be doing.  Now there’s a thought.  It takes all the guilt away and gives permission to just be.  Like staring at the sky.


I did a bit of house cleaning yesterday, shock of shocks, then had a friend over for a church bought chicken dinner and a movie, “The Shoes of the Fisherman”.  If you haven’t seen this old Anthony Quinn movie, I highly recommend it.  It sounds like we wasted time, but it was a fun waste of time and with “pause” you can go pee, or carry on a mid-movie pertinent conversation and not lose the story line.  I’ll waste time like this any day.


This morning I got up and wasted time while eating my breakfast, watching more news than I needed and a couple of House Hunter Internationals.  I visited Mexico and New Zealand, both on my bucket list.  What a terrific waste of time.  Especially the switch over from the news.


I have a pile of newspapers I want to read, but made the huge mistake, aka/correct decision to finally go on Facebook after being off of it since yesterday morning, which is a long time for me.  I didn’t even post yesterday, shock of all shocks.  Never touched the paper.  Didn’t even clip a coupon.  I sorted out the crap but it’s still there waiting for me to open it up.  Because I wasted my time on Facebook instead.


And I had another wonderful trip to the home towns of many, many people who were commenting on a post someone made about how she lives in Manhattan and would like to hear where and how others are living.  I read every single word people wrote and felt like I had a bunch of mini vacations to their towns.  Some I had been to physically, some not.  But I am emotionally and physically exhausted from all of the travel.  And it didn’t cost me a dime.


So today I totally wasted my time and had a blast.  I highly recommend it and can’t wait to do it again soon!  There is always another sky.

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