Moving Forward

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Friday, June 1, 2017

Today I am grateful for moving forward.  Apparently I lied in an earlier post, saying I wasn’t writing a blog today.  But I’ll never sleep unless I do, so fasten your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!  When we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia we would comment on how the country needed to jump into today’s world. They have.  Now we do!  How horribly sad.


What is going on with my country?  How is it that no matter how many catastrophic storms we have; no matter how many tornados; no matter how hot it is in January in the north; no matter how many crops are frozen out in May; no matter how quickly the ice cap is melting; there are still people who don’t care. . .or don’t believe it’s true.  Or both.


Hundreds, maybe thousands of scientists all over the world are in agreement that changes need to be made.  Of course, they won’t happen overnight, but we need to at least acknowledge the problem! Just like when the Salk vaccine came out saving millions from polio with a few drops on a sugar cube. . .we need to listen.  And we need to act responsibly for our children and grandchildren.


Maybe you don’t care two-shits what is going on in the rest of the world.  Maybe you’re sick to death of hearing global-global-global that you want to stick your head in the sand of the 40’s and 50’s.  Swell idea.  Let’s bring back rationing and gas lines and shortages of many, many things that you have gotten used to counting on.  Turn in your cell phone and computer and haul out the dial phone with a 40 foot long cord and grab a tablet and fountain pens.  Good thing we didn’t abolish the post office.  Yet.


How about prohibition?  Let’s bring that back, too.  Turn in your booze.  Get out the percolator and turn in your Keurig.  No more quick-coffee for you because you don’t need all that newfangled stuff.  And why not bring slavery back because we all know how well that worked out.  Well some of us do, some of you still don’t believe it was a bad idea from the git-go.  Then yank that vote away from women because they should stay barefoot and pregnant and die with their tits hanging over a stove.


Let’s take all regulations off of your water and out of your factories.  Yup, you work in a factory and you are sporting six fingers instead of ten.  Lucky for you that big government didn’t put safety regulations in place because who needs ten fingers anyway?  I’m not going to say let’s throw in a few World Wars just to make you feel at home, because we’re inching up on that anyway and in this year, the year were living in, that’s terrifying.  Besides, some of you would like that, too.  As long as your grandkids weren’t drafted, because boy does the economy boom when were all shooting at each other!  Yet you want to go back. . .Make America Great Again.  To when?


Before we were the laughing stock of every other nation in the world?  I’d like to roll the clock back a few months on that one myself.  It’s embarrassing to have friends all over the world who wonder how we can survive under such a loose-cannon administration.  Just like people wonder how Syrians can stay there, or any other place where there is unrest.  But we live here.


And I’m watching madness happen all around me, but it isn’t just the big banks, and the top 1% or even our government that make me sick to my stomach.  It’s how so many people, citizens, are believing that THIS is the direction we should take.  That lying and whining and arbitrary, one-sided, get-even decisions are acceptable forms of governing.  I’m not worried about offending any of you, because you left me for FOX News long ago.


But please, if you can be civilized, sometime let the rest of us know why you are so happy with your presidential vote.  And even beyond that, let us know how you can still be hanging on to hope that this administration just needs “time”.  Time is up!  “Give him a chance.”  He’s had more chances than a Monopoly game on speed.  Hell, I voted for Nixon but would have thrown him under the bus when he betrayed everything I believed in.  What do you believe in that will make this nonsense enough? What’s it going to take?  I shudder to think.


We are a house ‘o cards, tumbling down a cliff because someone just pulled out a bottom card.  Indonesia signed the Paris Accord.  195 countries signed.  Yet we have the unmitigated arrogance to believe we are above them all.  That’s pathetic and mortifying.


The country I once thought was a bit backward signed.  Because they are smart and trust the experts.  Yet we pulled out.   What will make you come to your senses and join the year 2017?  Better yet, what will make our government get a clue?  I am stymied.


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One Response to Moving Forward

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    Mary, I can honestly state that when I voted for Trump, I thought he was the better of the two candidates. Less than a year later, I am ashamed that I made that choice. He might have been a half decent businessman, but as a leader of the US, I don’t even slightly believe he can do it.

    What to do about it is the bigger question. Are we headed toward another Hitler? Is he power crazy or just plain crazy. We can only pray that we can survive this turbulent time and withstand him. Lord, have mercy.

    We can still do our own part in the world by being diligent with our use of power regarding climate control, but manufacturers and businesses also have to do theirs. Lord, have mercy.

    Sent from my iPad. Now go and make it a good day”


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