Memory Triggers

a Nicole in big straw hat from 23 years ago pic.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Today I am grateful for memory triggers.  My former daughter-in-law posted this picture from 23 years ago on Facebook today and I was swept back to one of the most exciting and fun experiences of my life.


Like the daughter, my granddaughter, who is a true beauty as you can tell by the ridiculous pictures I’ve posted of her in her prom duds lately, so was Nicole, her mom. . .and still is.  Back in the day, when she and my son were dating, she expressed a great interest in modeling.  I have a dear friend, David Page, whose much younger son was also photogenic and he was moderately interested in modeling, too.


David and I had the brilliant idea to purchase a bazillion rolls of film (yes, those were the days of film), gather props and fabrics and furniture and makeup and devote an entire day to taking pictures of those two kids. The contrast of his white skin and very long hair and her perfect brown skin and short hair was brilliant.  It was a blast.


David took the pictures and manipulated lighting.  I handled costumes, props and details like is the hair right, or the makeup.  You know. . . the picky little quirks that make a picture crap if they are missed and makes a picture perfect if the details are tended to.


Did we only set up on his deck?  Nah!  We were inside and outside and all over the place, finally winding up on South Street in Philadelphia for some fantastic night shots.  I have a vivid memory of Nicole sitting in a doorway on a box or something, while I touched up her makeup.


Both kids walked away with spectacular portfolios.  Whether or not they ever pursued modeling is immaterial because we all shared an extraordinary experience and you can’t buy that.  I am very grateful for the memory trigger.

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