Sunday, May 21, 2017

Today I am grateful for showers.  Not the rain kind, the kind where women get together and talk crazy talk without any guys around and eat food that is not listed anywhere on their diets and drink lots of red wine and have cake, too.  Or is that just me?


Back in the olden days women used to get together in sewing circles.  I’m sure they sewed something, but I bet it was as much a gathering to imbibe in something the men didn’t know they had and gab.  Even gossip.  I was raised that gossip is a bad thing, but when you’re full into it, it sure doesn’t seem so.


I leave it to you to guess what kind of shower it was by the pictures, but I didn’t sew a thing today.  I did cover every other aspect of women getting together.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  It was great to see friends and family of choice.  Conversation was easy and the food was way too good.  I’m calling the entire day a “vegetable” and moving on.

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