Major League Baseball Scout

Me with Iron Pigs mascot

Old picture of me with the Iron Pigs Mascot.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Today I am grateful for being a major league baseball scout.  And we’re off tonight to see the Reading Fighting Phillies so I can see who to bring up, just like I did a while back.


Look, I’m not a big sports fan and I make no excuses for that.  I enjoy going to the games live much more than watching them on TV, because then I can watch the crazy old man with his butt crack hanging out. . .oh wait. . .do I know him?  Never mind.  And I can watch all of the little kids with hats too big and T-shirts of players that have moved on years ago, but grandma got the shirt back when and they are finally growing into it.  People watching should be an Olympic sport.


A long time ago we decided to take a little vacation on Route 6 in Pennsylvania, with our first stop being Scranton and all that it has to offer.  Not much.  But back then it had a great hotel made out of the old train station, with a “comfort control” bed that kept us up all night trying to find our right “comfort” number.  Geeze.  There were a few choo-choos for Himself to drool over.  Whoopee.  Scranton is where the Phillies minor league team, the Red Barons, was based before the Iron Pigs in Allentown.  Whoopee twice.


Minor league games are way more fun for me because they are cheezy and homey, with give-a-ways, little league teams on the field and seating on the lawn if you can’t afford, or don’t want to be nailed down to seats.


So we went to the game in Scranton.  And I sat at a picnic table (another perk of the minors), sipping a beer, eating a hot dog and watching the people. . .not the game.  Himself kept trying to engage me by saying, “Look at that guy hit!” or “That pitcher throws a mean fast ball.”  Whatever.  I would counter with, “Isn’t that an interesting look on that old lady?” who had on blue plaid pants with a red floral shirt and a huge pink hat.  Neither of us was listening to the other, which is, well, marriage sometimes.


I let him yammer about the game through the 8th inning and then I said, “Say what you want about all of those other players!  That catcher is the one who is going places.  He draws the eye and has an amazing form.”


Carlos Ruis!  Chooch!  Yes, I discovered him!! To the perpetual consternation of Himself, who thought I didn’t even know there was a game going on.  I wonder who I’ll find tonight?  Be aware Reading Fighting Phillies, the major league scout is on her way.  Look for me in my “Chooch” shirt!

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One Response to Major League Baseball Scout

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    “take me out to the ball game” —- always a great time!!!!!

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