Dedicated, Smart, Strong Women

A strong women slogan

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Today I am grateful to know so many dedicated, smart, strong women.  Men, too, but this is about women, since I am one.  I used to tamp my strength and opinions down into my insides until it felt like I was hauling around wet, packed sand.  No more.  No more for a lot of us.  Young and old, the women I know are STRONG!


Throw cancer at them and BAM. . .it’s outta here!  Take their parents or spouse away before they are ready (no one is ever ready) and before long they bounce back, fully involved in their own lives, a little sadder, a little wiser and a lot stronger.


Throw a monkey wrench in their career and no problem, they’ll reinvent themselves and slide into a different career, even if it means going back to school to do so.

Drag them out of their comfort zone by a sudden move and they join every club and organization they can find to assimilate into their new lives.


These are the women I know.  And admire.  Every single one of them.  Yes, even those of you who are screaming “bullshit” right now, claiming I can’t possibly be talking about you.

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